Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yes, we're still alive....

Can you believe the babies will be 2 months old tomorrow? Can you believe Noah and Finn have been in the hospital for 60 days? Despite how frustrated we sometimes get that we don't have all of the boys home yet, we are thankful that there is an end in sight.

Earlier this week, Finn was slated for discharge on Sunday (today) since he was doing so well with his feeds now. Not the D-word! Finn freaked out and decided to hold his breath, dropping his oxygen levels to 30%. Since this is considered a "life threatening event", he has to stay for at least another week. We are pretty certain he is a ladies man and just wants to hang with all the cute nurses. He is still doing well with his demand feedings and is gaining weight. Hopefully, he'll be home soon!
Don't make me go home!

Noah is recovering very well from surgery. He pooped on Wednesday so he was able to start bottle feeds again, but remains on TPN and lipids. He started gulping down 30cc of EleCare formula to aid digestion. According to the GI specialist, he should be able to switch to breast milk or regular formula soon; lets' hope so because EleCare is about $40 for 14 oz (only 4 feeds). As he begins to take full feeds of 50-60cc every 3 hours, he will no longer need to be on TPN and lipids. His incision is healing very well and we hope to have him home within 2 week!
Anesthesia hangover

Cohen and Sophia are doing great! They are becoming much more alert and even playing with some of their toys (we played laser tag yesterday - just joking). We can't tell if their movements are intentional yet but they are pretty much geniuses. Grammie, her friend Sherri, and Busha came over today to visit and love on the babies. They could not believe how big these two have gotten!

Here are the new weights - Cohen 9lbs; Sophia 7lbs; Noah 6lbs 8oz; Finn 6lbs 5oz

We are entering the home stretch now as we close out the NICU chapter; hopefully we never have to return. We thank everyone for their continued prayers, support, and beautiful comments. Keep 'em coming!!


Lisa Johnson said...

I think I agree that Finn likes hanging out with the nurses. What a smart little guy! The pictures today are so cute. I love the Noah hangover and the one of Cohen and Sophia playing together. We are still praying for you and hope that Finn and Noah come home soon.

Anonymous said...

Mari and Chris,
Wow - they are growing so fast-what fantastic weights. Continuing to pray that Finn will want to come home soon and sounds as if Noah is well on his way to getting there. Pictures are adorable as usual. Hope that some day I will be able to come see them all!
In Christ,
Psalm 92:4 "For you make me glad by your deeds, O Lord, I sing for joy at the works of your hands."

Anonymous said...

Mari & Chris,
The babies are looking beautiful! I cannot believe how fast they grow and change. I definitely can tell the four of them apart now. Mari, I think Sophia looks so much like you! I love the pictures - keep them coming! You guys take care!!


P.S. Jackson will be 1 year old in a couple weeks! goes by too fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mari and Chris,
It is so wonderful to see the answer to our prayers. The babies are beautiful and we will continue to pray for them and for you.
We hope to one day have the pleasure of meeting you and the children.
God Bless you All,
Hazel Lehman and Carol Kesse;

Anonymous said...

Yall are doing great!! Keep up the good work.

Heather YS said...

Hi Guys,
Dad and I are finally home back in Bayou Vista with Todd. The 3 of us and the 3 dogs are glad to be together again. Things are tough, but are a bit better. I hope to come see you two and the babies soon. I will give you a call this week.
the babies are sooo big!! You 6 have come so far. I can't wait to see you all and Jazzy.
Love, Heather

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I was so excited when I logged on and there was an update! Everyone looks amazing, I can't wait to hold the babies again! See you in a few weeks:-) Continued prayers are coming your way.


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful!
I think Finn wants to make sure Noah will be ok, such a great brother =)

God Bless all of you and I'm looking forward to the Quad Squad Schedule so I can hold those cuties!

Love, Tina

Anonymous said...

Also, did i mention how pretty you look in that picture Mari!!

Amanda Felix said...

It is great to hear that all are doing well. I hope that Noah and Finn are able to come home soon! They all look so cute!!