Friday, October 12, 2007

Finn - Come on Home!

Well, we thought we'd have Finn home by now - he was due to be home on Wednesday then they pushed it to Thursday or Friday and now it could be another week or longer. He took his car seat test on Tuesday, which he failed the first time by having a sleeping Brady during the test. So he studied up that afternoon and passed it on Tuesday evening. Still, they called me on Wednesday and said they'd like to keep him a bit longer because he isn't taking his bottles in full and he is still having problems with his oxygen saturation while feeding. I guess the little guy wants to stick with his brother, Noah, for a while longer. One nurse told me that every time Noah starts crying Finn opens his eyes and looks over his way as if he knows it's his brother in need. She thinks Finn and Noah have a deal that they are going to stick together no matter what.

Finn's Car Seat Test

Noah needs our prayers. He is having some breakdown of the skin around his stoma which is making it difficult to keep his ostomy bag in tact. This makes for uncomfortable days for him as they have to replace the bag 4 - 6 times a day. Every time they do this they change the feeding tube which is causing ulcerations and bleeding of his fistula. The bag change is also painful for him since each time they have to rip the tape off of his irritated skin. We were hoping to be talking second surgery next week, but it looks like patience is the name of the game for us right now. The surgeon told Chris that we should expect the surgery to be at the end of October or later. Chris is off on Tuesday and we would like to meet with the surgeon in person to voice our concerns about his skin and the fact that he has to go through that pain so many times each day. We'd like to know if it's better to chance doing surgery early to relieve this or if they think it's still better to wait. My heart is broken right now as I desperately want my boys home and to have the family all together. Won't that be a joyous day!

Noah's Best Friend - The Paci

Cohen and Sophia are doing really great at home. I had them by myself for an afternoon last week while my parents went to the hospital to visit Finn and Noah. It was so much fun but I was having a bit of a panic thinking about being alone with 4!

Sophia and Cohen Swinging

Chris and I are adapting to parenthood. I have heard over and over from my girlfriends how hard children can be on your relationship. I am starting to see those effects. I think it's the lack of sleep and just plain lack of knowing what to do that makes it very easy to bicker about anything. Yesterday I accused Chris of not caring about his children because he hasn't read all 110 books that I have stacked around the house on how to raise a good family, child development, breast feeding, sleep patterns, etc. I mean - he should have had time for at least half of those in between working, coming home and feeding two babies, going to the hospital, right? After he asked me if I'd like him to take a sabbatical and spend the next two years reading, I quickly apologized and we both got a good laugh about it. I'm sure we'll have many laughs ahead. :)


Anonymous said...

Chris and Mari,
I am a friend of the Walton's and I want you to know we've been following the progress of your family and that my 88 year old mother and I have been praying for all of you. We will step up prayers for Noah.
God has blessed you with these beautiful children and we know that He will bless Noah and make him well.
Have a Beautiful Day and Hold Onto Each Other,

Lisa Johnson said...

Chris and Mari,
I pray everyday for your family, but today I am going to make a specific prayer for you two. Never feel like you can't get a babysitter because there are 4. I know yu two have such a special relationship and you already know that alone time is a necessity. Please feel free to ask.


Anonymous said...

Mari and Chris - I will continue to keep Noah and Finn (and all of you) in my prayers!!!! I know that God is as anxious for you all to be together as you are.......

Some of my greatest successes as a parent were when I followed my instincts and put the books away!!! The books are very helpful as references and information but God entrusted the fabulous foursome to you two and God knows you can handle it!!!

Thanks so much for making the time to keep up with the website - and always find time for yourselves too!!

Love and many prayers

Anonymous said...

Mari and Chris,
The task of being a parent is a great joy and sometimes a burden with worry and concerns, but just keep on taking it to God in prayer - He will give you the knowledge and strength to complete the task. Just depend on His power!
Love the swing video-(seven godchildren have taught me those are the greatest invention.)
You are all always in my prayers and I love the updates so the prayers can be specific.
"Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord, is the Rock eternal." Isaiah 26:4
In Christ's love,

Heather YS said...

Hi Guys,
I am still in Seattle helping my dad so we can then head on the cross country drive back to Texas with Manny the dog. Dad is going to stay with Todd & I for a while this winter. The rainy season is about to set in here in the Pacific NW. Things are stiull extremely tough but we are making it one day at a time.

I know ostomy bags are tough. Mom had trouble with skin breakdown and subsequent leaking too. In addition to the various protective barrier creams, there is a special powder that they can place on the hurt skin that will dry the weapy skin and help the ostomy bay stick/styay longer. Have they tried that yet? They are also have some putty that they can use to help make a better seal. They may have tried these things already, but just thought I'd check in case they haven't. Be sure to request a consult w/an ostomy nurse/specialist if one has not been called in. (Sorry if these things have already been tried.)

Love to you both,Jaz, and the 4 babies.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!! Poor baby Noah!
i was debating on what to get four of and what to get two of, you will have to let me know if they all love the swings. Keeping you guys in my prayers and thoughts.
As for who wins the survey, i have had many say they shoudl get naming rights and i have shot that down for sure. But my husband's naming ideas may get shot down too :)

jenn said...

Hey guys! Finn looks soooo cute in his carseat! Finn and Noah are going to be so close with this time together and they will help each other heal! God is keeping them together for a reason and soon he will send them both home to you & the family! We love you dearly and can't wait to come visit!! Lots of Love- JG & Ans

Anonymous said...

Mari & Chris -

The latest pictures and video are great. Everytime I think one is the cutest you add another picture that steals my heart! Praying for you - as a couple, as parents, and for each child's needs. Stay strong and be patient - our God is an awesome God!
"Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." Hebrews 4:16
M.R. Snow