Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trick or Treat

We have an early Halloween treat for you with this little video of some of our recent tricks!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Top Six Reasons Our Family Resembles A Zoo

6. We are often running around searching for monkeys


4.  We both have only 4 wooden high chairs

3. The most entertaining creatures are also the smallest

2. If our routine gets off track there's going to be a train wreck

1. People are constantly saying, "oh my goodness, look at that!"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Turn it Up

The coolest thing happened to me this morning!  I've been a little stressed lately, doing a lot of soul searching - as always - and I heard this song on the radio yesterday afternoon that just touched my heart.  By the time I got home, I couldn't remember any of the lyrics and I so desperately wanted to know what the song was.  It was bugging me because I pride myself in remembering songs and lyrics - it's just one of my "things".  After spending almost an hour on the laptop last night trying to figure it out, I gave up.  

I turned on KSBJ this morning to see if I could catch the song again. Still, nothing. I put the kids down for a nap, had my quiet time with God, got the kids back up and started the next playtime. This playtime was rough. Cohen was screaming crying and bit me twice (nice teeth imprints to prove it), Finn has been battling some kind of stomach bug, just one thing after the next. It's in these moments that my patience is running thin, my words are not so soft and my frustration level is fuming. I decide to start lunch for distraction. I have 3 little ones placed in their chairs when I look around for Finn.  Just as I call to him, I see him sitting next to the stereo and he cranks up the volume - which I immediately react to in a very unpleasant tone.  But just as I'm about to reprimand him further, I hear the intro to the song that I had been so desperately searching for. And as I listen, I see Finn innocently sitting there swaying side to side to the beat. I stopped and the tears started. It was a moment I hope to never forget. God is by my side all of the time, I just have to trust Him and turn my volume down while cranking His up!

Here's The Song Courtesy of  YouTube

And Just So You Can Get Your Baby Fix 
A Pic Of the Boys' New Hairdos (Finn thinks it should be called a Hairdon't)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Simple Sundays

Simple Sundays are made up of 

pig tail hair 

and sippin' cups, 

sunning with our Jazzy dog

and discovering you can make a tunnel out of chairs.

But what we love most of all, 
is a nice short walk to the pond

where we watch the baby turtles take dinner from a duck

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It Hurts Me Worse

I was reading a wonderful book recommended by a dear friend called "Sacred Parenting" and I related completely with his chapter on "The Hardest Hurt of All." It was truly eye-opening for me. One of the things that has been very difficult about being a quad mom, more specifically, a mom to preemies was that I had to helplessly endure the pain of watching my little ones suffer from day one.  They struggled to breathe, struggled to eat, to keep warm. It was heart-wrenching and every part of me wanted to gather those babies close and run away from all of the wires, tubes, monitors, hospital staff and protect them in my arms. But, of course I would never have actually done that because they would have had no chance at a normal, healthy life if I did.  

So, why am I doing it now? Why do I, as a mom, try to protect my child from everything that might harm them?  Run to be sure they don't fall when it might mean they take a stronger step next time? Or shield a slap to the face from a brother when taking the sting from a sibling could have taught him not to selfishly pull away a toy?  It's horrible to watch some of these things happen, but I am pretty sure that it's harder for me to endure than them. And even more, if I don't get used to letting them make mistakes, take some falls, am I prohibiting their chance to build character and spirit?  I've realized that suffering is part of parenting and I'm going to have to get used to watching my children hurt from time to time, knowing that they have a much better chance at becoming wonderful, faithful children who will walk with God if they are allowed to fall. But, oh, how it hurts my heart to hear them cry!

Finn Doesn't Fancy The Feel of the Grass

Noah Happily Wearing His Dinner While Sophia Checks for Leftovers

Sophia's Observation Tower

Cohen Starts Soccer Practice