Monday, October 20, 2008

Top Six Reasons Our Family Resembles A Zoo

6. We are often running around searching for monkeys


4.  We both have only 4 wooden high chairs

3. The most entertaining creatures are also the smallest

2. If our routine gets off track there's going to be a train wreck

1. People are constantly saying, "oh my goodness, look at that!"


Alaine said...

But yours are so much more adorable-looks like a fun day! Hope you had a great weekend. Much love.

Anonymous said...

Too cute - the zoo doesn't have 4 cute little munchkins running around...Debbie

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

I thought it might be because your kids have so much more hair than other babies their age! :)

Arnold Quads said...

I can relate to that! Looks like you guys had fun.


Andria said...

Love it! And look at those TODDLERS!!!! Ack! What happened to your babies??? lol. They grew so fast!

Finleypotamus said...

Awww did they love the zoo?

The Murray Crew said...

The haircuts are too cute, Mari! Love 'em!

I can relate all to well with this post. Welcome to the jungle. =)


Anonymous said...

Love the list! Sounds very familiar (the oh my goodness, look at that at least, and the schedule being off :))
the kids are looking so much more grown up every post.

Lisa Johnson said... much fun!!

Moni Graf said...

I love this and ALL your posts. Fun, yet purposeful.

I don't know about your kids, but with ours, you could add:

Petting zoo animals (or babies) will swarm and over take you if you show signs of having anything edible in your hands.


The McNulty Family said...

Great post guys! SOOOOOOO cute! I can't believe how BIG they are getting. I just wanna hug 'um! And you 2 of course!

Following Him said...

This is such a CUTE post. Look at those sweet looks everyone gives them. A day at the zoo...very cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Ok, The kids are too cute!! I really miss hearing from you all the time =)
Hope to see an update soon!


Anonymous said...


Palmer said...

Hey, I'm a twenty year old quadruplet from Los Angeles...looking at pictures like these reminds me of my baby pictures! Anyway, just wanted to get some quad-representation in these comments