Thursday, September 2, 2010

How Can This Be?

Our babies turned three! Last weekend birthday celebrations were in full swing. Chris took off Friday from work and we brought the kids to their favorite place on earth, Chuck E Cheese. They all got their own "money" and were running like crazy spending tokens on driving cars, riding horses and shooting guns. Saturday was spent at the pool with Daddy and partying with friends, Jack, Kate, Chris and Rebecca that evening. Then on Sunday {the official day} we woke up early and had a mini party at breakfast before heading to church and then off to visit Busha. After a fun lunch with her we all headed down to Galveston to visit Grammie, Mema and Pepa. By the end of the weekend we all had sugar highs and rough throats from all the renditions of "Happy Birthday To You!"

It's hard to believe they are three already. The terribly terrific two's came and went so fast. We wish we could freeze this time somehow and let it last just a little bit longer. And since we can't least we can make a little video, right?

Thoughts from Three Year Olds from Mari Goerlich on Vimeo.