Friday, May 28, 2010

We're Big Kids Now!

It's been nearly a month since we gave away all of the diapers and plunged feet first into the 3 Day Potty Training booty camp. It was exhausting but absolutely exciting to get rid of the ever growing diaper fund. The weeks that followed have been challenging to relearn how to live in the outside world without diapers. Our first big outing was Art Car Parade in Downtown Houston. We had a blast but definitely shocked some passers by when we'd let the kids drop trow and go in public on their personal port-a-potties.

Long Lines At the Porta Potties?
Not For Us!
(Noah & Sophia)
But We Could Really Use One of These (Notice the "Crapper" is Driving the Art Car!)
One of These Wouldn't Be So Bad Either...

Since we had two good weeks of training the kids' little bladders, we thought it appropriate to convince Grandma & Papa to come down and take over so we could go use up some of that extra diaper dough burning a hole in our pockets and enjoy a quick vacation with some great friends in Seaside, Florida.

Enjoying the Ocean Breeze

Chris & Rebecca Before Our Big Dinner Out at Fish Out of Water
Amazing Views, Incredible Food and Even Better Company!

Rebecca, Chris, Mari, Chris
Cooling Off Our Sunburns While Boating in the Bay

Toasting the Sunset
Rebecca & Mari
Once we got home the vacation kept going since Grandma and Papa were staying another 5 days! We celebrated Grandma's birthday with a day at the Galveston beach and an evening at Mia Bella in Vintage Park. What a blessing to be able celebrate such a beautiful woman and all that she contributes to all of our lives! I love you, Mom!

Since we no longer have babies anymore, here are a few pics of our Big Kids...