Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crazy Eighteen

1 crazy idea .
3 families of 6.
18 friends getting together.
88 hours of driving (each way) - putting 2,847 miles on 3 cars (each way).
126 meals and over 200 more snacks eaten.
758 digital photos.
Unmeasurable number of memories made in 4 short days.

We just got back from driving over 1,000 miles across Texas, New Mexico and into the desert mountains of Tucson, Arizona to meet up with some of our best friends whom we never would have known if we all weren't blessed with having quadruplets just a few years ago. We've gotten together with Gen & Conor McNulty and Joe & Suz Steece on several occasions and have always dreamed of getting all of the kids together too. This last weekend we were all just crazy enough to stop dreaming and start doing.

It was a weekend we'll always treasure. The kids made friendships that will last forever, the parents made plans for future family trips and arranged marriages in the years to come. Chris and I were in awe of how much fun it was to be in a house with a dozen little ones and started to make plans to fill our house with more pitter patter of little feet. While we're still dreaming - enjoy a few snapshots from the adventure.

The Tucson Twelve from Mari Goerlich on Vimeo.