Saturday, May 30, 2009

Excuse Me!

The kids have been playing with each other more and more lately.  Earlier today Chris and I watched Noah feed Sophia some imaginary cereal.  Finn walked up and intercepted an imaginary bite out of Noah's hand and Sophia cried out in sadness. It was so funny! They are competitive little ones even in their make believe world.  

I caught another one of their games today. They often play the "excuse me game" at the front door window which is a long, slim windowpane only big enough for one little set of eyes.  This afternoon they all wanted a front row seat to watch Daddy working outside the backdoor window and the "excuse me game" was on in full swing. 

No kids were hurt during the making of this video. We can't speak for any future emotional scarring that might occur from Noah being caught in a tutu.  He is one mean ballerino, isn't he?

And as for our dog, Jazmyn, she is just playing in this video and the kids love it. The kids bite her far harder than she ever mouths them.  She is truly one of their favorite friends.

Monday, May 25, 2009

S.O.S. (Save Our Stomachs)

After we came home from vacation I had confirmation from my parents (who lovingly took care of the kids for the 9 days while we were gone) that this gig is indeed hard and I need help. I finally took their advice and have lined up some wonderful relief each week.  Miss Becky has watched the kids for me once a week from the time we brought them home and she still comes over one afternoon for a few hours so I can get out and run errands.  Another friend, Miss Debbie, is so graciously giving me her only free afternoon each week and comes over to play with the kids and helps me keep the peace around here.  And Miss Jody is my very own Mother's Day Out program customized to my schedule!  I take the kids to her house for few hours once a week and she does all sorts of fun things with them! 

It has made a real difference to have some breaks to our normal routine and to just feel like I can breathe a little.  The kids seem better and my mood is definitely lighter because of each of these precious ladies who share their love with us.  I am so thankful for each of them - I just wish I'd asked for more help earlier!  If I had, maybe I wouldn't be going to the doctor tomorrow to check on what I'm almost positive is an ulcer!

The pics below are all courtesy of Jody who shot these while the kids were at her house. If you live in our area and need a sitter - she's your gal!  She has a true gift with children which thankfully she shares with the rest of us!  Check her out on her website,

Miss Jody & The Goerlich Gang

Finn's Fantastic Face & Body Painting!

Sophia Circles Her Tickle Spot

Noah Paints a Target

Coco Sticks to the Free Food

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Splashing Around

Saturday brought buckets of rain in the afternoon giving us some much needed relief from the hot and humid temperature that's been reaching over 90 degrees most afternoons.  The kids loved jumping in the puddles and riding through them with their "cars" was definitely a splashing hit.  

Cohen & Noah Race Through The Water

Sophia Attempted to Wash Her Hair

A Little Push For The Ultimate Soak

Why Can't I Take My Clothes Off In the Front Yard?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy's Day

Cohen, Finn, Sophia & Noah
"We love you, Momma!"

This is such a special day to honor you.  You are an absolutely amazing mother, who puts your heart and soul into raising our kids.  While I might like to think it, I know for a fact I could not do what you do every day.  Our kids are blessed to have you as a mommy.

To make this mother's day even more special, we attended the baby dedication at church this morning.   Busha attended the service with us and spent some time lovin' on the babies.  We topped the day off at the pool.  It's fun to see the kiddos splash around in the water and play with other kids.  The best part of the day (any day for that matter) is seeing the smile on Mari's and the babies' faces.  

Daddy, Sophia, and Noah enjoying a snack

Cohen, Finn & Momma playing with "Lizzy"

We hope all you mommas out there had a great day!

Happy Mother's Day!!!  

Monday, May 4, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

We are back from the beautiful caribbean ocean - a 9 day vacation that was such a treasure.  We were on Great Exuma Island in the Bahamas.  Most haven't heard of it simply because there's hardly anything there. It's a very lazy little island with the most beautiful beaches we've seen.  I knew this when we booked the trip but still found myself looking for something we could go do or see. It was so hard to just relax.  By day 3, I think we had it down and parked our behinds on the beach to read, sleep, apply sunscreen and repeat.   It was a wonderful gift of refreshment that was much needed for Chris and I.  I'd encourage all you parents to get some time away alone.  Even if it's just somewhere local for a couple of days, it's so good to do and really will re-energize you. 

The Plane From Florida To Exuma Island

The Airport Was The Size Of A Small House!

Passing Time In The Sand

Golf Carts Were the Preferred Mode of Transportation
Just Remember To Drive On The WRONG Side of the Road!

Fresh Coconut Milk Straight From The Tree!

Trying To Capture The Amazing Color Of the Water
Pictures Don't Do It Justice

The Wind Was Crazy The First Few Days We Were There

I have to say, I missed the kids terribly and made Chris vow to never let me spend so much time away from them.  They barely recognized us when we got home. Cohen, Noah and Sophia all looked at us like - who are you again?  Finn ran around the house squealing with excitement so I'm guessing he remembered us or was just happy to have more people to socialize with (he is his daddy through and through).  

What's Better Than A Beach Vacation? 
Having ALL my loves together.