Monday, May 25, 2009

S.O.S. (Save Our Stomachs)

After we came home from vacation I had confirmation from my parents (who lovingly took care of the kids for the 9 days while we were gone) that this gig is indeed hard and I need help. I finally took their advice and have lined up some wonderful relief each week.  Miss Becky has watched the kids for me once a week from the time we brought them home and she still comes over one afternoon for a few hours so I can get out and run errands.  Another friend, Miss Debbie, is so graciously giving me her only free afternoon each week and comes over to play with the kids and helps me keep the peace around here.  And Miss Jody is my very own Mother's Day Out program customized to my schedule!  I take the kids to her house for few hours once a week and she does all sorts of fun things with them! 

It has made a real difference to have some breaks to our normal routine and to just feel like I can breathe a little.  The kids seem better and my mood is definitely lighter because of each of these precious ladies who share their love with us.  I am so thankful for each of them - I just wish I'd asked for more help earlier!  If I had, maybe I wouldn't be going to the doctor tomorrow to check on what I'm almost positive is an ulcer!

The pics below are all courtesy of Jody who shot these while the kids were at her house. If you live in our area and need a sitter - she's your gal!  She has a true gift with children which thankfully she shares with the rest of us!  Check her out on her website,

Miss Jody & The Goerlich Gang

Finn's Fantastic Face & Body Painting!

Sophia Circles Her Tickle Spot

Noah Paints a Target

Coco Sticks to the Free Food


Shannon said...

OH sign me up too! I just checked out her website. Amazing. I am so glad you are getting help. I miss ya. Hope to get together with you this week more.

Alaine said...

I am so glad God provided for your needs through these special helpers! (wish I could be one for you too, right now I have another calling though) So thankful you included me the other day - enjoyed my time with you all! Much love to each of you!

Stephanie said...

How great to have such wonderful help!
Looks like they were enjoying every second of it!!

ANSLEY said...

Way to go Mari!!! We love you!

Suzanne said...

hey sweet woman! you are SO wise beyond your years!!! i'm glad you are getting some "alone" time--Lord knows how much we need that sometimes! LOVE YOU!!! hug you soon!

Cochran Quads said...

AWESOME!!!! Now, start buttering her up to keep them for next year's Quad Mamma Trip!!! Can't wait to meet ya!

The McNulty Family said...

I love you mama and so glad you are getting a little relief. Good for you.. and so dang smart!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures! So fun!


Anonymous said...

Looks so messy! BUT SO FUN!!!
Good for you for getting some time off. I dont know how you went this long with out it!! You deserve it woman!!

King Quads said...

Good for you!

Love the pics...those locks of theirs are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your appt. Hope all goes well. I'll pray for you.
Beautiful pictures of the kids. They are sooo precious.