Sunday, May 17, 2009

Splashing Around

Saturday brought buckets of rain in the afternoon giving us some much needed relief from the hot and humid temperature that's been reaching over 90 degrees most afternoons.  The kids loved jumping in the puddles and riding through them with their "cars" was definitely a splashing hit.  

Cohen & Noah Race Through The Water

Sophia Attempted to Wash Her Hair

A Little Push For The Ultimate Soak

Why Can't I Take My Clothes Off In the Front Yard?


Alaine said...

What fun to open our eyes to all the ways God provides and blesses us. Simple excitement, laughter, splashes-thankful for the goodness of God in rain and puddles. Noah, Cohen, Finn and Sophia-you are growing up all too quickly! Miss you, much love.

Bethany said...

They must have had so much fun! Adorable :)

Anonymous said...

What fun - I love the memories you create with the kids....Debbie

Suzanne said...

so precious, mari!! LOVE the pics! missin' ya like crazy here lately :)

Following Him said...

COOL...I wanna run through the puddles too :)