Saturday, May 30, 2009

Excuse Me!

The kids have been playing with each other more and more lately.  Earlier today Chris and I watched Noah feed Sophia some imaginary cereal.  Finn walked up and intercepted an imaginary bite out of Noah's hand and Sophia cried out in sadness. It was so funny! They are competitive little ones even in their make believe world.  

I caught another one of their games today. They often play the "excuse me game" at the front door window which is a long, slim windowpane only big enough for one little set of eyes.  This afternoon they all wanted a front row seat to watch Daddy working outside the backdoor window and the "excuse me game" was on in full swing. 

No kids were hurt during the making of this video. We can't speak for any future emotional scarring that might occur from Noah being caught in a tutu.  He is one mean ballerino, isn't he?

And as for our dog, Jazmyn, she is just playing in this video and the kids love it. The kids bite her far harder than she ever mouths them.  She is truly one of their favorite friends.


Anonymous said...

It is even more fun watching their videos and reading about their antics now that I have the privlege of knowing them. Looking forward to next Friday - Love Debbie

Moni Graf said...

That was adorable! Unfortunately, it's been a pretty common scene here at the Graf house, too. Funny how it's MUCH cuter when being done by somebody else's quads!

And I was lovin' Noah's fashion-forward style. Gotta get in touch with your feminine side every once in a while if you plan to woo the ladies in the future!

Missed you on the trip, Mari! Hope you're game for the 2nd Annual QuadMommas trip, cuz I'm dying to meet you in REAL LIFE!


Cassidy said...

change your door window for a wider.
and jazmin is a good girl she prefers to leave his place at he front window

Stephanie said...

Now that was super cute!
I love your disclaimer! Too funny!
I missed seeing your pics on the quad trip too! Its funny how many quad families I follow and when I saw the pics, I relaized the few that were missing! lol

Heather said...

I enjoyed the video. . . especially seeing Noah in the tutu. Too cute! Loved hearing all the giggling/laughing from them. They were obviously having a good time.

Shannon said...

Haha! Show that one at Noah's wedding. Love it.

Anonymous said...

That game happens here but mine cry. Yours are so happy!!!
So cute!! Love how Sophia holds her own with those boys :)

Suzanne said...

freakin' hilarious! i was giggling the whole time i was watching! and yes! i was amazed that they weren't mad and screaming at each other...kinda of like a game! too cute. love you!