Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Conversations

Some of the best times around our house are those little conversations that you get to have with four 3 year olds. It's hilarious to see what they will tell you that's on their minds. The other week, I thought I'd quiz them to see if they were retaining any of the stories I was telling them about Christmas and what the true meaning of it is. Our conversation went like this:

Mommy: Do you know whose birthday it is on Christmas?
Kids: Becky! Auntie Alaine! Auntie C! Grammie!
Mommy:'s a hint: It's mommy's very best friend.
Kids: Jo Ann! Gen! Suz! Rebecca!
Mommy:'s another hint: We talk to Him everyday before we eat.
Kids: THE PIZZA MAN!!!!!!

Eye opening, right? I guess I need to step up my cooking around here! Here are a few more Christmas conversations I captured on video. I hope they warm your heart as much as they do mine!

Christmas Conversations 2010 from Mari Goerlich on Vimeo.