Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Smathers Beach
Key West, Florida * February 28, 2002

Who would have thought that 2 people who met in a hot tub in South Padre Island on Spring Break would be married....for 6 years and now with a family of 6? It's incredible to look back and see how much we have grown together as a couple and how much hair I used to have. Our parents probably thought they'd never get a wilder surprise than the day we called and said, "We're married!" until the day we called and said, "It's Four!". I know those days of jetting off to Key West to elope next to the ocean at sunset are far behind us, but each year seems to bring bigger and better adventures. I can't wait to see what memories 50 years will bring!

This wedding video was the first video we ever made. I think it is pretty cool and I love to pop it in the VCR whenever friends come over just to see Mari cringe. I'll save you a trip to our house and the sight of Mari's beet-red face and post the video on the www. Take a lesson from this experience - never, ever do "voice-overs" - especially if they are your vows! It's a cheesy video but it makes us laugh together and that's something I hope we'll never forget to do.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's All About the Runabout!

We've tried everything to get around having to purchase the stately quad stroller that must be a New England Patriots mascot alternate and is known as The Runabout. I had heard that it doesn't fit into elevators and is a bear to travel with. But we finally gave in and decided we'd avoid all tall buildings and purchase the hitch connector for easy voyaging. Let me tell you, I am a happy woman today as I got to get out to go jogging with my four babies in tow. This thing is amazing. It's lighter than most single strollers and if you can remember not to push down too hard on the back so as not to tip it (no worries, there is a safety bar so they won't fall too far to the ground) it's a piece of cake! Plus, it motivates me to keep jogging at a quick pace since we always have an audience with all of the curious passerbys. Thank you, Runabout! We love our new ride!
My New Workout Partners
The babies are all getting so big. We weigh them weekly at home and they are growing like weeds. Cohen is the biggest at 15# 7.5 oz, then Finn at 13# 12.5 oz, next Sophia at 12# 12.5 oz and finally Noah at 11# 1.5 oz! We have lots of smiles, laughter and a few squeals (we love you, Noah!) which all far outweigh the crying these days!
Noah & Cohen Bond In Their Exersaucer (Thanks Isaac, the Chauffer For This Idea!)
Sophia Has A Stare Down With Miss Piggy
Cracking Jokes With Finn
Noah Finds Some New Toys
Flashing His Dimple
Heather & Todd Catch A Quick Workout!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

How Sweet It Is!

There are a dozen chores I need to get done during the babies' naptimes today, including a massive pile of laundry sitting in my hallway waiting to be stain-treated and dinner to be made - yet I find myself working on a video montage for Valentine's Day. Creativity before responsibility is my motto today! Plus, I can always order Chinese and do laundry while they make dinner - now that's what I call successful multitasking. Anyhow, here's a quick video to show you what the babies have been up to today. Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at the Goerlich house!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cohen's Getting A Tooth...So Why Am I the One Crying?

Cohen has been showing all of the signs of a tooth for a few weeks now and, low and behold, it's barely peeking through the gums. I was so excited, I wanted to jump on the phone and tell Chris. Although, I can just see the roll in his eyes now as I make the call...."Hey babe, you busy?" (Duh) "Anyway, just calling to tell you Cohen has a tooth...well, not really a tooth yet but you can sort of see where it's coming in..." and I burst into tears. Okay, I didn't really call him because he is with multiple patients at a time and I can't justify calling for anything other than life or death situations or the occasional 'can you pick up a pizza on your way home', but I did find myself shedding a few tears and Cohen's the one with the piercing pain in his mouth. It's just going too fast.

At The Park With Jazmyn

Look At Her Go!

The funny thing about wanting these babies to slow down in growing up is that I have never been a baby person. I am not one of those gals that gushes over everyones baby pictures or rushes to a new arrivals bedside to spend hours holding them and talking in a language that makes even the baby annoyed. I like age 3 and up - they can tell you what they are cyring for, play silly games and jump on the bed and make you laugh by all the stories they have to tell. But having four babies has totally changed me. All of a sudden I get it. I know what it is to be a baby person. It makes you see how precious each day is - one day you have a sweet little infant and the next you've got a single toothed, carnivorous man child. You get my point. My prayer is that I will enjoy each and every moment with them because the days slip away far too soon.

Cohen Laughing With Daddy

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Come Back Grandma & Papa!

My parents just left to go back home to Iowa and oh, how we miss them! We keep trying to convince them to move down here, at least for the winter. They would make marvelous "Snow Birds". In case the over 12 inches of snow that have fallen today alone in Cedar Rapids isn't reason enough, here are 10 Reasons to Move to Texas!


Houston's humidity means soft skin and you never have to worry about fixing your hair!

Save $$$ With No State Income Tax in Texas!


Coffee at the Goerlich house tastier than Starbucks!

Mexican Food! Homemade Tortillas, Queso, Tres Leches...are you on your way yet?


A good possibility you could run into Chuck Norris. (after he's done campaigning, of course!)

Just a short trip to the border for cheap prescription drugs!

Our church ROCKS!

Put your toes in the sand - less than an hour away!

Bye-Bye winter! Hello sunshine!

Because we miss you!!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weekend at Boerne (pronounced "Bernie")

I'm so cheesy it is amazing Mari married me! Mari and I took our first out of town trip minus babies this weekend. Her parents took over the homefront and got a taste of what it is like to raise quadruplets. They said it went well and had fun but we'll have to see when their next trip down here will be.
No Batteries for this Swing

We had a blast doing not much of anything, just hanging out at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort in San Antonio. In true Mari and Chris style, we layed at the pool on Saturday, and, as always, were the first ones out there (and only ones for that fact). I apologize to all of you out-of-staters and don't mean to rub it in, but 75deg...sunny...heated pool...February...Texas rocks!! It was great - we stayed out there for 4-5 hours and got so sunburned! We took a short trip to Boerne, TX to do a little shopping and grab dinner on the deck of The Creek.
What kids?

Here's a crazy story from The Creek....we are enjoying our appetizer and a glass of wine when we see a lady walking a Vizsla puppy. I ask how old the pup is and strike up conversation because Jaz is a vizsla. After our meal, we go over to pet the puppy, Izzy, and chat with that group of ladies, one of which is about to get married. It turns out that not only do we share vizslas (with purple collars), but the bride-to-be's mother is from the same city in Iowa that Mari's parents live in, and the bride-to-be is also a physical therapist. It was so crazy how many similarities there were, we were all shocked.
at The Creek

We had a wonderful time away together to refresh and are so thankful to Mari's parents!
P.S. There is another post before the "Photos" post. I posted them the same day so it may have been missed - there is all kind of important stuff in there, including a link to another short video :)