Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Come Back Grandma & Papa!

My parents just left to go back home to Iowa and oh, how we miss them! We keep trying to convince them to move down here, at least for the winter. They would make marvelous "Snow Birds". In case the over 12 inches of snow that have fallen today alone in Cedar Rapids isn't reason enough, here are 10 Reasons to Move to Texas!


Houston's humidity means soft skin and you never have to worry about fixing your hair!

Save $$$ With No State Income Tax in Texas!


Coffee at the Goerlich house tastier than Starbucks!

Mexican Food! Homemade Tortillas, Queso, Tres Leches...are you on your way yet?


A good possibility you could run into Chuck Norris. (after he's done campaigning, of course!)

Just a short trip to the border for cheap prescription drugs!

Our church ROCKS!

Put your toes in the sand - less than an hour away!

Bye-Bye winter! Hello sunshine!

Because we miss you!!!!!


Anonymous said...

And "grandchildren are a crowning glory.." Proverbs 17:6 - so four are quite a glory! What a top ten for Texas-quite convincing.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

What a funny post! As a Texas gal myself, I couldn't agree more! The #1 reason (and picture that accompanies it) is the best!!

Anonymous said...

I certainly know what the top 4 reasons would be - Cohen, Sophia, Finn and Noah......what a cute post.

mini and brother said...

Could you talk to my parents about getting out of CR too? It's too cold. Imagine how much fun they'd have in Phoenix!
Your babies are HUGE and beautiful. It looks like Noah is growing great. Thank God!

Suzanne said...

i couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

I've lived in Austin all my life, I tried to move away once and just couldn't. This is a great post!

Loving this weather,

Anonymous said...

Community of Faith does rock! Thanks for including us in the Top Ten! I hope they take your advice!! - Laura Shook

Katie said...

Hi. Just found your blog, your kiddos are beautiful!! Well, you have me sold from this list, when can we move!! We live in Des Moines, Iowa.........the high today is a balmy 6!!!!

Mom of triplet girls- 3 years old