Friday, February 8, 2008

Cohen's Getting A Tooth...So Why Am I the One Crying?

Cohen has been showing all of the signs of a tooth for a few weeks now and, low and behold, it's barely peeking through the gums. I was so excited, I wanted to jump on the phone and tell Chris. Although, I can just see the roll in his eyes now as I make the call...."Hey babe, you busy?" (Duh) "Anyway, just calling to tell you Cohen has a tooth...well, not really a tooth yet but you can sort of see where it's coming in..." and I burst into tears. Okay, I didn't really call him because he is with multiple patients at a time and I can't justify calling for anything other than life or death situations or the occasional 'can you pick up a pizza on your way home', but I did find myself shedding a few tears and Cohen's the one with the piercing pain in his mouth. It's just going too fast.

At The Park With Jazmyn

Look At Her Go!

The funny thing about wanting these babies to slow down in growing up is that I have never been a baby person. I am not one of those gals that gushes over everyones baby pictures or rushes to a new arrivals bedside to spend hours holding them and talking in a language that makes even the baby annoyed. I like age 3 and up - they can tell you what they are cyring for, play silly games and jump on the bed and make you laugh by all the stories they have to tell. But having four babies has totally changed me. All of a sudden I get it. I know what it is to be a baby person. It makes you see how precious each day is - one day you have a sweet little infant and the next you've got a single toothed, carnivorous man child. You get my point. My prayer is that I will enjoy each and every moment with them because the days slip away far too soon.

Cohen Laughing With Daddy


The Shoppe Keeper said...

We do not know each other, but I happened across your blog pages and with just the initial heading I kept on reading the babies funnies. I laughed at your humor and all I can say is good luck and god bless.


Anonymous said...

Wow! They are growing so fast! Continuing to praise and thank God for the goodness he has and is bestowing on all of you. Cohen has quite the laugh-what fun.
In Christ,

Courtney Williams said...

What an adorable video! If only those giggles were could fill our entire day! Our little one just turned one and the time does go so fast...glad to see another mom soaking in every moment!

Anonymous said...

I cant even imagine, i would have cried too. i cant even get over that my kids are already 4 weeks old. I feel like i just had them! Your kids look so great by the way!!!!!!!

Heather YS said...

That is hilarious! the laugh video not Mari tearing up at Cohen's 1st toof! That's right up there with the baby laughing videos on you tube! We love all 7 of you! Jaz looks great. Glad you were able to head to the park in the beautiful sunshine we had last weekend.
Love, Heather & Todd

Anonymous said...

Mari, Maybe I'm extemely emotioal these days but I cried at your blog today. Madi just started going to daycare and at 20 months it's so hard to let her go! Love on those sweet ones, they do grow too fast!
Love ya'll, Tina

wooden5 said...

I have been following your blog here in Iowa. My mother works at Financial Decisions Group with your mother I think. My mom gave me your blog site and I have been following it ever since. It is great to see your kids grow. I just had my third child in July and it is so much fun. You two are inspirational parents to watch!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest video ever! I've got to get over there and see those babies! They're growing up so fast!

Andria said...

Aww, too precious! That sunshine looks refreshing there! Hope you got to soak some of it up and the babies and Jaz enjoyed all of it!

Klhark said...

I have no excuse for tears other than pure JOY in seeing that sweet baby laugh. I love it that he was trying to catch his breath and his anticipation with the hand. I can't believe how grown up they are already! My baby just turned 14 months and some one called her a toddler today. How dare they! Enjoy every second of there babydom :)

Anonymous said...

Cohen is so freakin cute!!!! I love that video so much!! We miss you dearly!!! Kisses, Jenn, Jason & Ansley

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - the laughing video is priceless - the look on Cohen's face, and how he laughs even when Chris' hand does not touch him. I love the sound of kids laughter. I have always been like you Mari - loving the toddler age - but I have to tell you, I check your blog all the time to see what is happening with your little ones.....I can't wait to meet them. Keep up the great work you two!!!! Debbie

Anonymous said...

Mari & Chris,
Love the video! Cohen is so funny! His laughter is so bubbly - too cute!! I love it when babies start to laugh. It just gets better and better. Babies are addicting for sure! You guys are truly blessed :)

Love to you all,
Sara (in cold cold IA)

Lisa Johnson said...

I am so glad I am getting to catch up on watching all these videos! I can't believe how funny that video of Cohen is! I am rolling with laughter!! I can't wait to come by again for a visit.