Monday, October 1, 2007

Up and Runnin'

Sorry for the delay. Our DSL keeps going in and out on us.

Still no babies home yet. I think they are taking what I said literally - you can't come home until you can sleep through the night.

Cohen may come home later this week, but with a heart rate monitor since he has a brady while sleeping sometimes. We are a little mixed up about this. On one hand, maybe he'll grow out of it if he stays in there another week or two so we don't have to worry about the monitors and training whoever takes care of him on what to do while we go to the hospital. At the same time, it would sure be nice to have at least one of the little guys home. If anyone has any input on the monitor situation please let us know. Cohen is now 6 lbs!

Finn, Cohen, Sophia & Proud Papa

Noah was wide awake for the first time in a really long time this weekend. He still gets milk through a feeding tube directly into his small intestine and takes a small bottle twice a day. He has lost a little weight since being on milk only. The hard part has been trying to get the feeding tube and ostomy bag to stay in place. There have been times when all the milk has leaked out of his bag for several hours. I think we have finally got that straightened out after some creative taping. After a little weight loss, Noah enters the pod at 4 lbs 9oz.
Wide-Eyed Noah

Finn is still de-satting where his oxygen levels drop to 50%, especially when feeding. We are waiting for the results of a pH probe study to determine if he has acid reflux, which can cause his oxygen to drop. If this is the case, he will begin meds to help to out. He is still gaining weight and we wouldn't mind if all the babies could come home with the feeding tube and pump. Just think...wake up in the middle of the night, hit the power button, go back to sleep. Works for me!

Finn - Passed Out With the Pacifier

Sweet Sophia - what can I say!? She is doing very well, despite the occasional brady. She is always the most awake, checkin everything out. She is quite the eater, out-eating her 3 brothers. She will likely come home in the next 2 weeks and probably with a monitor as well. She is almost 5 lbs now!

Sophia Finally In the Crib With Her Brothers

I have somehow found myself in the JC Penney dressing room on two occasions in the past week trying on different girdles to see if I can miraculously suck in this skin that still makes me look like I'm 6 months pregnant. This is not an easy task. After a lot of huffing and puffing to cram myself into a piece of fabric that looks like it was meant for a small child, I finally got the first one on. Instead of looking pregnant, it appeared that I was having an asthma attack as my face was turning blue from not being able to breathe. In the second attempt, I decided to try one of those corsets with all of the hooks, thinking that would be a much better solution. This one was an improvement from the first trial until I tried sitting down and realized I couldn't bend at all. After seriously considering purchasing this and planning to simply stand up for the next month or so, I left once again empty handed and laughing to myself as a nice lady congratulated me on my upcoming arrival.


Anonymous said...

Sophia looks quite happy to be in the crib with Finn and Cohen. They look wonderful, as usual, and it is good to hear of each tiny step forward. Praying for the results on Finn, and for the continued covering of God's hand over each of you. You have been chosen by God, and He will listen and answer what you ask. (John 15:16).
In Christ's love,
Alaine Psalm 91

Anonymous said...

Hello Goerlich bunch,
I am a triplet mom who wanted to lend some advice on the monitors. All three of mine came home on them. They are not hard to operate and the most alarm that goes off is the disconnect since they are stickers. Ours also came with a belt that went aound their chest and that helped the leads stay on. The best advice I have is to get a label maker especially if more than one comes home on them! You can usually put their name on the top so during the day when the wires get crossed you know whos is going off!!! To me and my husband they were a peace of mind not worring about them at night while they slept. Good Luck and Your children are beautiful.
Mommytothree :)

Anonymous said...

The babies are so beautiful!

Madison is 15 mo. but if you find a tummy tucker that works let me know :)

As far as the monitor goes, my neighbor came home with one and she said it was pretty easy to work and gave a great piece of mind. Amy said she was a nervous wreck when they came off of it. :)

Love ya, Tina

Anonymous said...

What a joy to see your babies -

I love Sophia smiling, laughing, as she is there with her brothers. They have all come so very far!!!

Bless your heart Mari, and pat yourself on the back. To have carried 4 babies, FOUR babies, for 32 1/2 weeks was an awesome accomplishment - embrace that skin and bless that skin - and next time anyone says anything about expecting, I would PROUDLY say - this is the left overs of carrying FOUR babies. I bet most women can't top that!!!!!

I understand that you do not want to have that left over forever, but for only a month after giving birth - YOU GO GIRL........

And, as the person above said - if you find a tummy tucker that works, let me know too.

God bless you all

Anonymous said...

Poor Mari! When those sweet babies come home, we'll strap them in a quad stroller and go walking! I still have baby weight to lose, and Alex is 3! :) Andrew didn't have a monitor, but I know a lot who have used them and loved the peace of mind they bring. Also, with the reflux, we are PROS. Alex just got off his meds this summer, so call me if you have questions. We know a lot of great resources for stressed out reflux parents!
Take care,

Lindsay said...

Two of our three came home on a monitor and they are super easy to work and let us not worry so much. The only time ours ever went off was when we unplugged it and boy are they loud! Good luck!