Monday, October 22, 2007

Rejoicing for Noah!

Today has been such a long day. We woke up around 6:30am at the Memorial Hermann Ronald McDonald House (RMH) to make sure we were with Noah when they took him to surgery. At 8:30 I thought I'd go get some coffee but decided not to in case they came to get Noah. At 1030, I grabbed a sandwich from the cafeteria and brought it up to the RMH for a quick bite so we wouldn't miss surgery. At 2:00pm, they finally called to come get Noah. We dubbed this time our "sympathy fast" since Noah could not have anything by mouth since midnight. We decided to head back to RMH for a few zzzzzz. They called us at 5:30pm to let us know Noah's surgery was finished and he was back in the NICU. When we saw him, he was wide awake and just a little fussy - can't blame the little guy after all he's been through. We had been praying - along with hundreds of others - for a quick recovery. Well, let me tell you, his recovery may be quicker than expected because they opted to do an epidural with very light sedation so that Noah would not have to be on a ventilator. This will cut down his recovery time significantly because now he won't have to be on a ventilator for 2-3days and then weaned off with oxygen for another couple of days. Instead he has an epidural pain pump which blocks the pain to his lower torso and body but does not make him so relaxed (ie relax breathing muscles too much) so that he can function normally. In fact, the surgeon said that the part of Noah's intestine that was closest to the stomach had grown back quite a bit so that made surgery less difficult and he should not have any additional problems. The goal now is for him to have a bowel movement and then he can start bottle feeds. It was so amazing to see him without his ostomy bag and we could see it in his eyes as well. The end result of all the waiting today and for the past 8 weeks brings so much joy and relief to us. Praise God for a smooth surgery, hastened recovery, and for holding Noah's hand when we couldn't!

Noah After Surgery - It'll All Be Over Soon

We are trying lots of different techniques to get Finn feeding better. We asked to try feeding him less volume but more frequently but this did not work. The occupational therapist (OT) tried feeding him on his left side to reduce reflux, which didn't help a lot. Finally, OT came up with the idea to feed him on demand. So now, they let him sleep until he wakes showing he is ready to eat, instead of waking him every 3 hours regardless. With this plan in place, Finn woke up after 3.5 hours and scarfed down his 60cc bottle in under 30minutes! We think we are on to something here and hope this continues to work so we can get the little guy home safely, but soon.
Finn About to Get His Drink On

Cohen and Sophia were in good hands with grandma and grandpa last night and all day today. We just continue to give thanks for their energy and abundant love! We are also celebrating grandpa's birthday today, but with circumstances were unable to spend a lot of time with him today. He told us "it was a great birthday being able to spend time with my grandkids." We love you, Tim!
How Can You Not Have A Great Birthday With These Two?

Auntie C and uncle Mark came to visit on Saturday and fed and loved on the babies for us. Now that they have a one year-old, I'm not sure how much they miss the days of feeding a baby every 3 hours. Carli the dog also came to visit and would check on the babies when they started to cry.

Auntie C & Uncle Mark From Austin

We have also been so blessed with all the meals that have been provided by the Community of Faith (COF) meals team - They have been so wonderful helping us out. At church on Sunday, they announced that we needed help with the babies when they are all home, and 38 people have signed up so far. Our friend Susan is spearheading our volunteer schedule which is taking a huge burden off us since we are not ones to ask for help. We will post more info on that soon.

This is the time we have been looking forward to for a while now. It feels like there is an end in sight to the NICU days. In retrospect, this has really been a short time and has flown by. Also, being up there all day puts things in perspective as we remember to realize not only are we not alone in this, but that there are lots of other babies who are much sicker than ours. We need to remember to pray for them as well. God has been so good to us!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Chris and Mari - I have been thinking of and praying for Noah all day. I will continue my prayer in earnest with all i've got. Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Oh Chris and Mari - I have been thinking of and praying for Noah all day. I will continue my prayer in earnest with all i've got. Love to you all

Anonymous said...

Mari and Chris,
All I am getting is a title that says pray for Noah, Volume II - so I don't know what the outcome of the day is - but my prayers will continue to pound the doors of heaven. Knowing that God sees the final plan, even when we do not, I will continue to hold Noah and you both up before His throne and because I am a "Thomas" and must see with my own eyes, will hope that your blog shows up with all the information soon.
You know that God has laid you all my heart these past months, and I will not forsake what He has given me to do - for now that is to pray.
In Christ's love,

Anonymous said...

Yeah! The post shows up! Now my doubting eyes see the information and rejoice! (Good thing God is patient with me) I am so happy to hear that Noah had his surgery, is now on the road to recovery, and that God has continued to give your tiny miracles the strength they need. Sounds like a good plan for Finn too. My prayers will continue tonight for quick healing and also for God to grant you the final joy of bringing Finn and Noah home soon. So glad you find the time to give us info even when you must be exhausted!
In Christ,
(You probably know, but the meaning of Noah from the Hebrew is provider of refuge or comforter - Nahum 1:7 - today the Lord has certainly shown His goodness and as you know we can trust in Him always.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys -
Just wanted to let you know how relieved and happy I am to hear that Noah is doing well. I have been thinking and praying for you so much lately.
Your babies all look amazing and continue to look more beautiful everytime I see them. I will continue to pray for all of you.
Take care and try to get some sleep now that surgery is over!!


Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD - our God is a great and wonderful God. I went to bed last night with the blog title "Pray for Noah, Volume II" but nothing else. I woke this morning with this wonderful news.

I'm excited to think that both Finn and Noah may be home sometime soon, and yes, the end of NICU seems to be in sight and your adorable family can all be together.

Again, Praise God

jenn said...

I am SOOO happy to hear this wonderful news! Sweet baby Noah and great job for Finn! He knows he better hurry up because Noah is ready to go home :) I Love you!!!
Jenn & Ansley
We can't wait to come love on the babies and give you a giant hug :)

Anonymous said...

Yipee! God is good!

Love, Tina

Andria said...

Aww, Noah looks so good and content! What wonderful prayers have worked on him! Glad to hear you might have Finn figured out in the feeding schedule. YAY! I'll look forward to the bowel movement as you do too! (you will post about it, right???)

Awesome post!

mini and brother said...

When I looked last night my heart was so heavy when I saw Pray for Noah II. What a thrill to read your update this morning. I am so thankful to God for the amazing news. He looks so good. Can't wait for pictures of Noah at HOME. It won't be long now.

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for you all! We're praying for a fast recovery and a quad reunion at home soon!
Kara :)

Anonymous said...

So glad Noah did so well! It will be so great when you get them all home. You are well on your way :)
Casey Gerwer