Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Welcome Home! - 1st edition

Cohen & Sophia in their double wide

My babies in their new ride

Well, despite all the naysayers, we are awesome parents! We made it through the "Care by Parent" overnight stay program without a hitch. We are also infant CPR saavy. "Care by Parent" was pretty cool and an eye opener. We know things are going to be tough, but we really got an idea of how hard it will be to feed 4 babies. Well, feeding them isn't the problem, it's more of finding time for us to sleep. Cohen had been eating 105cc of milk for the last few feedings but we decided that was too much because he kept having blow outs. So, last night, being the awesome padres we are, decided to scale back his feeding to 70cc. Cohen not happy and up every hour and half ready to go again, so we decided to feed Sophia at the same time. Now we and learn...don't mess with the baby tummy! Speaking of tummies, on the way out of the hospital, all eyes were on the babies and not Mari's quad bod.
Welcome home!

Noah is back on antibiotics for an infection. They are doing cultures to see what kind of infection he has so they can treat him properly. They think this is the reason for him having so many bradys the past few days. Because of this, they stopped his feedings and put him back on TPN (total parenteral nutrition), which is basically super Gatorade, and will start the lipids again as well.

They started Finn on medication for acid reflux, although the pH study said it could be reflux or it could not be reflux - glad we paid for that test! We'll do a little trial to see if that keeps him from dropping his oxygen saturation. The unexpected news about Finn is that he is tentatively scheduled to come home next week - wow!

We are so excited to have the babies home and love the monitors. They have not gone off nearly as much as we thought they would and do allow us to sleep a little better. We have our first pediatrician appointment tomorrow - wish us luck!
Sorry Jaz, daddy has a new little girl

Though we are celebrating such a momentous occasion, we are also deeply saddened by the passing of our good friend's mom. She passed away Monday from a short battle with stomach cancer, the same thing my dad had. Our hearts and prayers are with them during this time.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Those mom and dad smiles light up the page. And to hear that you may soon jump to five at home - God is filling your house with happy sounds! " The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." Psalm 126:3
Will pray for Noah-may God bring quick healing. God desires to give us the best, and you have four reasons, at least, to know that!
In Christ's love,

Anonymous said...

Welcome little ones - what a joyous time for you all.

Let the fun begin :)

Will keep praying for you all - and especially for Finn and Noah - I know that God is as excited as we are all (especially you) to have all the babies home!!!

Andria said...

Congrats on passing Care by Parent and bringing home your most prized possessions! Continued prayers for you and your new family. I love the pictures with Jaz! Boy is she in for a ride!
~Andria (Sacramento)

Anonymous said...

Keep the pictures coming this is great. I know you guys will be great parents. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad I checked out the blog today! You guys look great, and the babies are beautiful. Can't wait for the other 2 to join you so we can come visit (along with the rest of Texas and beyond)! We'll keep praying for Finn and Noah...
Kara & boys

Lisa Johnson said...

This is just wonderful!! We are praying that Finn and Noah will soon follow. I am blessed just because you find the time to post on your blog at all. Praise God for He is good!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations..........let the fun begin! The babies are precious, so is Jaz... Enjoy every minute! God has blessed you! A friend in East Texas.

Klhark said...

Praising the Lord with you all from way up here in Iowa! We're praying for peace, patience, and wisdom that only God can give as you seek to parent all 4 of your kids in the best possible way. Bet you are excited for those Iowa grandparents to arrive!
Keeping you in our prayers -
Kerstin (Katie in Arizona's sister)

jenn said...

I agree...let the FUN begin!! I am so proud of you two and I know you will be the best parents ever!! Can't wait to hear about your first night home with them :) Hugs and Kisses, Jenn & Ansley

Heather YS said...

Chris, Mari, Jaz, and the babies,

Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding my mother's sudden death. We are beside ourselves with the overwhelming grief that I realize you know all too well. It certainly re-emphasizes just how important family and friends are and how important it is to cherish every moment you can while you can.

Todd and I are glad to know that Sophia and Cohen have gone home and that Finn may soon be on the way. We hope Noah will follow quickly. Take care and we look forward to visiting you soon. Maybe holding and loving on the babies will be therapeutic for us and helpful to you as well.
We miss you and love you lots,

Heather and Todd