Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 5 and Day 6 AM updates

Yesterday we met with the surgeon regarding Noah. He told us that Noah had not passed his meconium plug yet, so basically he has been constipated. He also has area higher up in his small intestine that is narrowed, but the surgeon hopes that this will "decompress" now that he has passed his meconium plug after the enema. He still has the green bile stuff coming out of his stomach, which we are praying will become more clear indicating that his intestines have decompressed. He passed a bunch of yucky stuff this morning so we are thinking that things must be moving through the intestines, but we'll have to wait for this morning's Xray to know if that is case. So, basically, we are waiting for their decision. They have him scheduled for surgery at 5pm today (9/4/07) just in case they decide to do surgery.

Brave Noah - Still basking in the "Sunlight"

The Bile Container that Needs to Turn Clear

Cohen is holding his temp well and eating 1 oz of food now. They are considering moving him to a crib soon.

Proud Papa Feeding Cohen

Sophia is now out of her tanning bed and in an isolette working to maintain her temp. She is no longer on IV fluids, eating breast milk only. Her fuzzy dark hair is so cute. She is known to let the nurses know if she is not happy, but calms down quickly when I rub her head - yes, she already has me wrapped around her finger:)

Miss Sophia - aka "Miss Thang" by the Nurses

Finn is also getting much stronger. He is an isolette right next to little sister. He is trying to maintain his body temp as well and so far is doing great. It is so amazing what God and these little ones can do overnight!

Sweet Finn

We will update later today on what the plan is for Noah. Keep up the prayers - God hears them all.


Anonymous said...

So glad my kiddos are on a recess break with another teacher because I have been waitiing for your update on Noah. Jeremiah 29:11 comes to mind, for surely God is already showing you His plans in action.
In Christ's love,

Heather YS said...

Watching from Seattle...
Wow, Sophia is already beautiful!
I bet little Noah will be fine soon. Just give his little body a bit more time to get going...
Hang in there!
The babies have come so very far in 6 days! Think where there will be in 6 more days just 12 days after birth!!
Yeah Team Goerlich!