Saturday, September 22, 2007

Birthday Slideshow

Chris has been at work all morning so I decided to create this Birthday Slideshow with all of the photos from the babies' first day. Check it out on our website here:

We'll post more updates on the little ones later today or tomorrow...for now I've got to get going to see these precious little ones at the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Watched it twice because it is such a testimony to your faith as well as such a joy to see how much has changed in just a few weeks. From their amazing arrival to now God's work is evident. You and Chris have "committed your ways to the Lord and trusted in Him and He has brought great things!" (paraphrase of Psalm 37:5) Enjoy! A.S.

Rachel Farrell said...

Hi Mari,

This is Rachel from MOST. I responded to a post you put out a couple of months ago and just checked in to see how you and the babies were doing. Congratulations on their births! They are absolutely beautiful, and your slideshow made me cry reliving the miracle of our babies' births (although my postpartum hormones don't help either!). Our quads were born at the same gestation, and 3 came home at 3 1/2 weeks, and the fourth had a NEC scare, so she didn't come home until the day before her due date. I pray that Noah will continue to do well and get to come home well before that! It looks like your NICU nurses and doctors are much more hands-on than ours, and I think that "mama love" will work wonders to get those babies home soon.

Congratulations again!

Rachel Farrell
(mom to Graysen 3-31-01, Ava, Will, Jack, and Kate 11-19-05, and Ellie 7-11-07)

Anonymous said...

Just got home from Madeleine's 1st. birthday party. Had a great time, she was so cute eating her cake and opening her gifts. Wow! What a haul!. Sent gifts with Ellen, she said she was going by your home tomorrow. Enjoyed a good visit with Pepaw and Memaw. Came right home to check on the babies. What a wonderful slideshow. How far the little ones have come. You all are doing such a wonderful job and God bless the caregivers at Hermann! Love you all

Anonymous said...

The slide show if adorable. It made me cry! Thank you for sharing it!

Stephanie Powers

Anonymous said...

Mari -
You are amazing!! I cannot believe the awesome job you've done of documenting this experience. (I can't even keep up with my photo albums and I only have an 8 year old, a 4 year old and an 8 month old!!) I pray that you continue to be blessed with health and energy. The slide show was great - "Remember the wonders God has done, the miracles and judgements He pronounced." I Chronicles 16:12 M.R.S.