Wednesday, September 19, 2007

3 Weeks Old?!

The babies are 3 weeks old today! I went back and looked at the very first blog post yesterday and I can't believe how much they change in this short of time. I never expected they would progress this quickly.
Cohen had his mustache shaved yesterday. We can now see his whole face as they removed his feeding tube because he is now suckin down all 8 bottles. The plan is to bring him home in the next week or two!! Can you believe it?
Finn is off oxygen now but has still had a few "episodes", but nothing major like this past weekend. He is doing better maintaining his body temp and is now slurpin down 6 bottles - Wow!

Sophia is also rockin! She is kickin back all 8 bottles per day now! I think the wink is proof that she knows she's got me in the palm of her little hand. That's ok...I love it!

Noah is now on constant feeds through the ostomy that is the lower section of the small intestine. They feed him 1.7 mL of milk over the span of an hour every hour! What an awesome miracle that he is moving so fast and doing so well! The tentative plan is do his 2nd surgery to re-connect the intestines in about 6 weeks, depending of course on how he is doing.

We are hoping that when we get to the NICU today, that Cohen, Sophia and Finn are re-united. They plan to put them in the same crib today! This is going to be sweet.
Mari had her 2-week follow-up with Dr. Cook. She is doing very well and has such a great attitude. I have to take a moment to brag on Dr. Cook. He has been so amazing through all of this. There a lot of good doctors but he has really shown great compassion. He calls the NICU almost daily to check on the babies - he really does care - such a great heart and mind! We are going to start working on another baby soon just so we can continue to see Dr. Cook:)

We have received so many awesome gifts, including a hand-made stork (some real feathers) carrying 4 babies made by an artist in Lompoc, CA. We are working on getting thank-yous out soon, but please accept our deepest appreciation for your generosity!


Anonymous said...

Chris and Mari:

How exciting that both Cohen and Sophia are up to 8 bottles each! What a wonderful thought to be able to bring them home! Great to hear that both Finn and Noah are also doing so well. The photos are priceless! Can't wait to see 'em in person! I've seen Chris nearly every morning now for the last few days... coming and going...hope to see Mari and Jaz too sometime soon! Remember... I am only a few houses down the street if you guys NEED anything!

All our love,
The Balters
Barbi, Jon, Gavin & Ariella

Anonymous said...

You guys bring tears to my eyes!! We LOVE you very much!! Jenn & Ansley
See you this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

This is Debbie who works with Chris' cousin Scott.

How I love watching your babies grow. I have shared your website with others in the office and every day someone asks me how the babies are doing.

One would think that I am the relative!!!! I made Scott promise to introduce me to you and the babies after you all are home, settled, etc.....

My younger brother was born without an esophagus (sp?), was feed through a hole in his stomach, went through a couple of surgeries and is thriving, married with 3 kids - so Noah's journey has been especially amazing to me.

You are all amazing and I love your openness to share your journey with everyone.


Anonymous said...

God's work is so amazing every day! It is so exciting to see the progress each day has brought and continues to bring. I am so happy to hear that soon they will begin to come home. "The Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore." Psalm 121:8

Anonymous said...

Praise God for his continued blessing in the lives of your precious little ones. I LOVE the picture of Chris and Sophia!! We continue to lift you in our prayers.


The Murray Crew said...

Hey Quad Friends, You better get ready. You are going to have babies HOME soon! Full feeds = get me outta here! What great news to share! Thanks for updating all of us!

Anonymous said...

How exciting that everyone is doing so well! We can't wait to love on tiny babies! By the way, LOVE Finn's outfit. I think Andrew wore that in the NICU 5 1/2 years ago. :)
Kara & boys

Amanda Felix said...

Glad to hear that all 4 are improvig!!Hope you are able to bring them home soon. Sending our love and prayers.
David and Amanda

The Hunts said...

Got your blog site from a friend and have so enjoyed reading about your little (big!) family. We were in the NICU a few months ago with twins born at 29 weeks.Thankfully they are home and doing fabulous. Your little ones have done unbelievably well--praise the Lord! I know you'll find that when this is all over He will give you LOTS of chances to encourage other parents that are living the NICU life.....

It's a wild ride having two, so I know it'll be fast and furious with four, but I truly believe God gives us mommies (and daddies) supernatural energy and ,of course, lots and lots of grace! Love, Jenny

Lisa Johnson said...

Mari and Chris,
You have made beautiful and amazing babies! Ever since Heather and Vanessa shared your site with me, I can't help but check on these precious babies everyday! They have grown so much! Praise God for his amazing creations! I can't wait to take their portraits!