Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2 weeks = 14 Days o' Fun

Babies are 2 weeks old today! In gestational age they are 34 1/2 weeks old. Unfortunately, the camera battery died so we only got a few photos today.
Mari continues to get stronger and stronger and you would never know she just had surgery. She is going to the hospital in the afternoons and I join her around 8pm after work. She is nursing Cohen, Sophia, and Finn for one feeding of the day. I don't know how she does it! Cohen is now up to 4 bottle feedings per day and Sophia and Finn are sucking down 2 bottles per day. Noah will begin feeding today through his feeding tube for the first time in 2 weeks!! I imagine the little dude is starving. Busha Goerlich (great-grandma) stopped by yesterday to feed Sophia her first bottle...great-grandma's must have a magic touch because Sophia slurped it down. Grammie Goerlich (my mom) stopped by last night to love on the babies and drop off some goodies. She has been taking the babies' photos to her country music concerts and getting the pictures signed. So far Alan Jackson has signed one and this week Tracy Byrd will lay the pen down - he told my mom not to come to another concert without pictures of the babies! Yep, they're already superstars!
Busha & Sophia

Mari is doing awesome with the babies. Not only is she up there all day but she is getting so much done for them. By the grace of God, she went from nearly passing out in the NICU to changing Noah's ostomy bag last night. Her strength and love are amazing!
Jaz is back to normal Jaz - bumming around under the covers...


Anonymous said...

Happy 2 week b-day little ones. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love looking at your blog and watching your beautiful babies grow - and to see your strength and love shining through - and I have never even met you.

But as I am friends with Chris' cousin Scott, one of these days I hope to meet the both of you and your darling babies.

Anonymous said...

Mari and Chris,
Isn't wonderful that God has the love and energy to continually work on us until we become the masterpieces He has planned. He has shown His work through your words, your actions, and the continual steps forward for each of the babies. May God bless this day with even more amazing steps forward! - A.S.

Anonymous said...

Praising GOd with you for His love, goodness, and faithfulness. ALL THE TIME...GOD IS GOOD!

The Bittner family from Omaha, NE

Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with you over the wonders God continues to do each day. It is so much fun to see the babies growth and progress!! Mari remember to squeeze in some rest when you can! We continue to lift you up.


pennycmoore said...

Hey Mari - I saw the post (on Coles Crossing Website)regarding the formula not making to your house and wanted to let you know that Integrity Structural Corp. is going to recover that loss. So no stressing!! We will get the 8 cases if they are not returned. I think Vanessa (your neighbor) is going to let me know what exactly to purchase and where to get it etc. We are so excited for you and your family, anything we can do please let us know- Blessings! Blessing! Blessings! to you guys...we are so praying for you all.
Penny Moore

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris & Mari,
Happy 2 week birthday to you all!! We are so happy to hear all the good news! We check your blog every morning! Can't wait until everyone gets to go home and we see you all at COF!! We continue to pray for the health, growth, and development of the little ones. You know you can call if you need anything!
Love to all,
Mark & Laura Shook

Heather YS said...

Mr. Bones and Gypsy say to tell Jaz hello. They also want to know why she did not invite them to the last beach visit for a play date?

I am now home from Seattle for a couple wks, headed to ACL Thurs night. I will call next wk so Todd & I can come see you guys and all the little ones!
Love, Heather and Todd