Monday, October 5, 2009

Tailgates N More

Chris, Mari, Conor, Gen, Joe, Suz

Texas is known for an abundance of trucks so when it's football season, there's no better place to tailgate.  With the help of a few brave souls to watch the kiddos, we were able to travel up I-45 to spend the weekend with some dear friends and fellow quad parents - Joe and Suz Steece and Conor and Gen McNulty.  Joe and Suz hosted us and hunted down tickets to the A&M game at Jerry's World.  The light rain couldn't stop us from having a blast out there!

Suz (The Hostess With The Mostest) & Mari

Suz, Mari & Gen

After the game (3rd quarter actually), we met up with some more friends and fellow quad parents, the Gerwers to show the McNultys (who came all the way from California) how we roll in Texas.  There's no better place to do this than at Billy Bob's Honky Tonk.  This place is massive!  It has 2 dance floors for some good ol' 2-steppin', pool tables, a BBQ restaurant and a bull riding arena.  You won't fit in here if you don't use the entire bottle of starch on your jeans - it's the real deal! 

Some Photo Booth Fun
Casey, Mari, Suz & Gen

Proud Quad Papas
Robbie, Joe, Chris & Conor

We worked up quite an appetite on the dance floor so we checked into the Waffle House.  This place quickly became Conor's favorite restaurant and might just be the reason he moves here.  

The Waffle House Meal

We had a great time and truly appreciate being able to get away and spend time with such wonderful friends.  Be sure that we weren't the only ones who had a blast - the kids played hard too. Here's a slideshow that Alaine put together of some of the highlights from her weekend with the Goerlich Gang, it's precious!

Busy, Wet Day from Alaine Schlechte on Vimeo.


Alaine said...

Alaine votes that mom and dad get more weekends away so she can play! I had a great time and am so happy that you did too! What blessings you all are in my life. Much love!

Stephanie said...

How awesome that you were able to spend the w/e with those fabulous friends!! You are all just so amazing! Looks like you all had a blast! I think its wonderful that you all make the time and effort to get together like you do!!!
Kids are ADORABLE as ever!!!

Suzanne said...

hahah...yep! conor sure did love that waffle house---he even asked to go back there before we drove them out to love field! freaking awesome weekend! thanks SOOOO much for coming to play! (and thanks to alaine for helping to make it possible!)
love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jag said...

GOOD TIMES! Really happy you all got together for some Texas-style fun! Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

The McNulty Family said...

Oh Texas how I miss you!! Mari and Chris... I do miss you more! No one is gonna teach me to 2step here in Cali!! ;) Can't stop laughing at the waffle house picture, CLASSIC!

I love you both with all my heart and can't wait to meet your beautiful kids one day. Thank you so much for making the drive and spending time with us. It's NEVER long enough! Sniff snif :(.

I'm working on my post but need to hit the sheets.

Oh, and THANK YOU ALAINE! You rock!!!

I love you!

Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! And, what's not to love about the Waffle House!? :)

QuatroMama said...

Wish I could have thrown my arms around your little neck in person too! Great memories. Love you