Saturday, October 17, 2009

Horsin' around with Daddy

With Mommy out of the house shopping with a friend, it was due time for a little mano y mano y mano y mano y chica time.  The absolutely perfect weather gave way to lots of outdoor activities.  After hanging out in the backyard re-organizing the "rock garden", we headed for the neighborhood park and trails.  After a few rounds on the slide, we decided to see if the horses were enjoying the fall temps as much as we were.  I guess they were feeling frisky too because they were all out in the pasture and right up to the fence.  Surprisingly, the kids were not at all frightened of these big, beautiful creatures.  Finn especially loved the horses and has to be the biggest animal lover of the crew.  They couldn't get enough of petting the horses and "neighing" at them.  After that we strolled down the dirt trail really just doing nothing.  I truly cherish these "one-on one" moments with the kids as they see the beauty in all the little and ordinary things around us.

Noah & Cohen
Finn, Noah, Sophia & Cohen


Alaine said...

God certainly blessed us with a beautiful fall weekend-and what fun to see them enjoying the outside and His wonders. Of course I think they are some of God's best work!! Love to all of you, missing you - Alaine

Anonymous said...

What great pictures. Horses are such beautiful creatures and the kids are awesome in so many ways. Glad you all had fun. Debbie

Suzanne said...

P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S pics!!! what special daddy time. it was such a beautiful weekend--glad you guys got out and enjoyed it!

Caralyn said...

Love your pictures! We spent the whole weekend outside too--including a trip to Dewberry Farms. I don't suppose you'd be willing to let me know where those horses were>??? I'd love to stop by with my three girls!
Mommy to Kaitlyn(6), Emma & Lauren