Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas drill

Mema & Pepa with the "4"

Brotherly love - Finn & Noah

Well, the Christmas drill was a success! It took quite a bit of planning, checklists, and choreography to pull it off. Here's a rundown of our plan:
Tuesday PM - create checklist and pack
Wednesday 10 - 11:30am - feed babies, baby play time and pack car with last minute items
11:30 - 11:50am - put babies in car seats, and head out
1:30pm - Galveston ETA if driving approximately 60mph the entire trip so as to arrive right at the scheduled 2pm feeding - yes, we got there early because it is very hard to drive 60mph.
Sophia is safe in Pepa's hands

The smile says it all
It was fun to hang with mema & pepa so they could be with the babies for the 1st time since they were born. Pepa was amazed at how beautiful their heads are and mema was upset that we woke the babies to feed them. Grammie came over after work to cuddle and feed the babies. Our good friends, Heather and Todd, also came over and hung for a while. The babies did very well despite the slight change in routine and different surroundings. We look forward to more road trips with the babies.
Heather & Todd were frisked before they left

Watch out Todd, Heather's got a new man

Grammie lovin' on the babies


Anonymous said...

You two are obviously meant to be the parents of these beautiful, amazing gifts of God! I can't get myself out the door, with everything I need for the day, on time, ....anyway - great job on your Christmas drill. It is so sweet to see all the people from your family and your friends loving on the babies. My kiddos prayed for them again today - rejoicing once more that they are all home with you and that Noah had such a great doctor's appt. They loved the pictures of the babies on the beach. They are busy getting a surprise ready for Christmas.
I personally am counting the hours until I get to see the 4 again-you too!
With much love in Christ,
...he will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6

Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to tell you what a joy it is to sign on in the morning and see new pictures. I really admire you guys for keeping the site up. What fun to see family together - and it will be a wonderful Christmas with 4 new babies!!!!! May God continue to watch over your family and bless you all.

Mimi said...

The pictures of everyone are so precious. I am home recovering from knee surgery and so enjoy going to your blog and checking for news. The babies are darling and growing so much. I know it must be so challenging, but enjoy each and every day, believe me time flies and you want to cherish each and every moment. You two look great for all you've been through the past few months. I hope to get down there to see you all before I return to work.
I pray for Noah every day that his health gets stronger. Loved the beach pictures. Take care

Anonymous said...

You guys ROCK!! Can't wait to see you! Love you, Jenn and Ansley

Andria said...

Aww, well planned I must say! The smiles in those pictures are priceless. And I love how the babies occasionally look up to the person holding them. I hope the "drill" was enough success to do it again! What a fun holiday it will be.

Anonymous said...

I am "delurking" to tell you the babies look wonderful and you two are an inspiration as parents! Keep up the good work with the babies and thanks for the updates and pictures!
- From a friend in Texas

Klhark said...

Mari - Thanks for making the time to blog. It was such a joy to spend naptime today catching up on how you all are doing. I cannot believe how big those babies are getting. Yay for Noah's weight gain. Hope the trip home went as smoothly :) Prayers from Iowa -
Kerstin (Katie in AZ's sister)