Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sleep-deprived.... But Alive

Beautiful photo by Lisa Johnson

Just like with the birth of any baby, lack of sleep becomes a part of the new parents' life. Even though we are now on a 4-hour schedule, we only get about 2.5 - 3 hours of sleep between feedings to either sleep or get things done, like pay bills - we haven't even opened our hospital bills yet which are piled up in a cardboard copy paper box. We have switched our little ones to a faster flow Level 2 nipple so they are now eating much faster - 20-30min as opposed to 45-50min. We are going to try splitting them up into 2 cribs now - bummer!
Urban Cohen

The best part about sleep deprivation is the funny things you do...imagine that! So, back to the funny stuff.....

- I frequently find myself turning on the microwave to heat the water to warm bottles without putting the water in the microwave.

- I changed Sophia's diaper today only to realize the fresh diaper was still sitting beside her after I had snapped her back up and went to throw away the dirty one - the one I put back on her after applying the butt paste.

-Mari went to brush her teeth after lunch and found herself taking her contacts out, going through the bedtime motions as if it were midnight instead of noon.

-As we're burping one of the kiddos we'll forget whether or not they just burped

-Mari speaks in code and will get us in stitches at 3 am. For instance, last night I was feeding Cohen and Sophia. She must've noticed Cohen was dripping milk down the side of his face and needed to burp but instead of saying that, she says "Do you need a blanket for Sophia's bottle?" (This is how we prop the bottle up for one baby so we can burp the other). I say, "Why is Cohen dripping?" She says, "Yes, I think he needs to be burped" I say, "Why don't you just tell me Cohen is dripping." She says, "I just did by suggesting a blanket for Sophia." Confused and amused, I was laughing so hard my side hurt - she starts laughing too - the funny thing is we're both laughing at the other one knowing we are the one that is right.

-I find myself jumping out of bed in a mad dash to heat up bottles before their scheduled feed, only to realize it's 4:30 am not 6 am. (For safety, I am no longer wearing shorts to bed and Mari is still sleeping in her glasses)


Andria said...

Ah, yes, can't blame it on the pregnancy-hormones this time! I'm sure you'll have plenty more funny stories to share. Writing them down is great, as it's still funny when you read them again later!

BTW, how's Jaz taking on the new crew? Is she confused?

Lisa Johnson said...

Your stories are too funny! It is so wonderful to be able to find humor in those everyday things in life, like drool. :)

See you 6 in the morning!!

Anonymous said...

I love looking at the pictures and hearing your funny stories.....the "4" are getting so big!!!!!What a beautiful family you have.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from SanAntonio so had to check for updates before going to bed. I love that you two are willing to let all of us see the ups and downs of life with the 4-after all "a joyful heart is good medicine.." Proverbs 17:22 See you Friday morning.
In Christ's love,