Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Day In The Life Of....

Quadruplets!! So it's been 4 nights with the fab 4 and we have survived! Defeated at times, but nonetheless alive. We have had to make a few adjustments now that all 4 are re-united. For example, we have a bottle of wine every night to de-stress, at least 3 cups of coffee in the AM to re-energize, and the babies are now allowed to cry themselves to sleep (thus the need for the wine in the PM and coffee in the AM). Mari's sister, Emalee, has been in since Sunday and she has been a huge help with getting the babies on a schedule. They are doing much better on this schedule - here's a rundown:

change diaper, feed babies, keep babies awake for 1.5 hours, put babies down for 1.5 hour nap, Rinse and repeat.

Auntie Em - Looks like she has done this before

The Quad Squad has been in full effect, providing 2 volunteers every 3 hours from 6am til 6pm. They are such a help keeping the babies awake and extra arms for feeding. Much love Susan for all of your hard work getting things together!

We are gearing up for Thanksgiving and making plans to head to the beach. Hopefully, I'll get to take the surfboard out a little for the 1st time and introduce the babies to my first love - the beach.
Grandma and Grandpa Lovin' All Four!

Noah had an appointment today with the liver specialist. Noah was on TPN for 2 months and this stuff is super-hard on the liver. So now he basically has a mild case of liver damage and Simpson-like jaundice, which will only resolve with time. He has lost a little weight according to our scale but Dr. Quiros wasn't concerned at this time but does want to monitor Noah for the next week. Thankfully, doc said we could start feeding Noah as much as he could handle but had to be careful to monitor for signs of intolerance (ie too many loose dirty diapers).
Noah finding comfort with Sophia

Finn is adjusting well to this crazy home. We are pretty sure he is the sensitive one in the bunch because he will cry with his bros and sis, feeling their pain. He also loves to cuddle which makes Sophia happy because Cohen could care less about snuggling with her.

Bathtime with Finn

Cohen is still a little linebacker, breaking the scales at over 10 lbs now. For the past week, he has been having crazy meltdowns in the evenings, sometimes lasting from 6pm til 12am. With the new schedule, he may cry for 15min then fall asleep. Also, we decided to take him off reflux meds and is now chowing down his bottle in half the time.
Cohen in the Bumbo

Sophia is our primadonna - who would've guessed? She is adapting very well to the schedule, but demands a lot of attention. Who can blame the gal...after all she has 3 brothers to compete with.

Naptime Melodies

Mari and I were laughing together the other night at just how naive we once were. We were thinking God must've thought we had some great characteristics to give us four babies at once. We know now He knew some very important traits were missing and we needed a swift kick in the pants to change. We're getting there, just feeling some bruises on the backside along the way.


Anonymous said...

Mari and Chris,
Just remember God did promise to never give more than we can handle, that there is always a way, and you can do whatever is required relying on His power. He will give you all you need to be the parents of these wonderful four, and I can tell he already has! I enjoyed helping out the other day. The pictures are always so precious, but it was so awesome to actually hold and see them in person.
In Christ,
Alaine (Psalm 19:20,21)

The Murray Crew said...

I feel like I'm watching a re-run of the Murray Crew oh about 7 months ago! Jumping up and down excited that you've started the schedule. Stick to it like gum, it will SAVE YOU and your SANITY! Email me with any questions/venting. You guys are doing so AWESOME!
Jen and the Murray Crew

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way to start the day - an update on your blog. The babies are all looking so good and happy to be home and together. Whenever I got overwhelmed and my house was a mess (and I only had 1 child)I would sit down and survey the "mess" and reflect on how lucky I truly was and be sad for the homes who didn't have to opportunity to feel such joy and be such a mess. God certainly knew what He was doing which is evidenced by all the faith you have shown through this ordeal - never underestimate what you have been through and what you will be going through - blessings do run both ways.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates, love 'em love 'em, love 'em.
The babies all look wonderful, I can't wait to love on them Fri. =)
You guys are doing great, I don't think I had Madi on a schedule until she was 3 months, you could give a class =)
See ya soon.
Hugs and prayers!

Lisa Johnson said...

I have enjoyed so much to be able to come over and help with the babies! You guys are doing so well, and what a blessing Aunt Emalee is! Congratulations on trying your best to stick to that schedule, I could never get it down. Don't forget to call if you ever need help in the night. I am just around the corner.

Ansley said...

They are so beautiful and I can not wait to get down to Houston to play with my new friends!!! I love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Mari Dawn this is your special day!!!!!!!!! I am so thankful for you that you have all four of your babies home with you!!!!!!! Hope the schedule works for you all!!!!!! Did your mother tell you that Alissa and Jay are anticipating their baby in May? Of course we're excited to have this new one in our family!!!!!!! Continuing to ask God to take care of all of your needs---all 6 of you!!!!!!!! Thank you for keeping this blog up!!!!!! Lovingly, Allison xoxoxoxoxoxo

Kristi said...

Hi! I'm a mommy to 7-month-old triplets (4 months adjusted) and was following your blog while you were pregnant. It's been awhile since I checked in, but I was so HAPPY to see that you have all four home!!! How exciting!!

I know the first few months are so overwhelming. We "only" have three, but it still takes some getting used to!

For me, things started to turn around when they started sleeping through the night, and started giving us those adorable grins and giggles. ^_^ Some days are still tough, but for the most part it's gotten pretty easy! I tell everyone though- check back with me in a few months when they're all MOBILE!! Hahahahaha! Then I'll be singing a different tune. ;o)

I also think it's great that you brought little Noah home- I think that being home with his brothers and sister and mommy and daddy will make him thrive like crazy! Our second baby came home after 84 days, and our little guy Joey didn't get to come home until day 105. His growth and breathing problems got so much better after we brought him home.

I'll be checking in on you guys! You have a beautiful family, and I'm so excited you have all of them home!