Monday, November 19, 2007

Family Vacation

Galveston Island - Thanksgiving 2007 Vacation

So it's our first vacation as a family of 6 and let me tell you this is a vacation unlike any we've had. When you have 4 newborns it's not so much fun in the sun as it is the same routine with a change of scenery. Nonetheless, we are making the best of it and enjoying being with the rest of the family who came down from Iowa and Minnesota.

The Cousins Enjoying The Beach

On a pre-quad vacation, we would have no clocks, spend lots of time napping in the sunshine and chilling on the beach. Now we live by our watches so the babies stick to their schedule in hopes that one of these days they'll sleep through the night. The beach is a short trip in between naps while someone else stays here to watch the babies and man the monitors. Okay, it sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not - just observing how different our lives are now.

Aunt Emalee & Uncle Jim Sunning
(This is what we have to look forward to once our kids are all over the age of 4)

The Cousins Meet

Jakob & Noah

Makenna & Noah

Hannah & Sophia and Josh & Noah


Anonymous said...

Wow you're brave!!! I'm so glad that you guys are able to get out for awhile. See ya in 2 weeks :) Love you! Jenn & Ansley

Anonymous said...

What a Thanksgiving you are having this year and many more special holidays to come.
God Bless You All.

Carol Kessel and Hazel Lehman
Round Rock, Texas

Anonymous said...

So glad you have this opportunity - to have so much family together. Enjoy the time - even if you do have to watch the clock! May God bless your time together this week.
In Christ,
Psalm 92:4

Anonymous said...

I truly sounds like yall are having fun. It look like you have a bunch of sweet little helpers. Enjoy your first Thanksgiving together and don't let Cohen have all the turkey!!!
Can't wait to see them next week.
Shuana Rosa

Anonymous said...

So great to see the cousins meet and get to know each other. Have a great Thanksgiving and safe traveling home for all. Now I know why Jimmy (ha ha) didn't answer the home phone.
Love the pictures!

God's blessings

Kurt and Connie
Cedar Rapids IA

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Goerlich family - there is definately much to be thankful for. God is truly good.