Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Birthday Eve

Pizza Party Crew (L to R):
Dawn, Tim, Mari, Ellen, Cheryl, Heather, Todd

Mari and her parents


Chris here. sorry to post so late. Mari's parents flew into town yesterday and saw Mari pregnant for the first time - what a shock that must have been! I know it has been comforting for Mari to have her parents here. We have been trying to mentally prepare for the big day tomorrow, mainly by trying to take Mari's mind off of things. Her parents bought her a pedicure; she came right up to the room and worked her magic. It will be a pleasant surprise tomorrow when Mari can see her toes for the first time in a bunch of months.
Does a spinal get rid of butterflies? How about some Ambien for tonight?

Mari's last supper was Star Pizza - yes, again; pizza is definitely her favorite food. My mom and cousin also came by tonight, as well as our friends Heather and Todd. We just had a little pizza party in the room and hung out.

The festivities will start at about 8am tomorrow morning, starting with all the paperwork and pre-op details. C-section is scheduled for 9:30am. It is so hard to believe that less than 12 hours from now we will have 4 little babies, skin and all!! I can't believe we don't have to take a test in order to keep them.
I suppose it is time to try to sleep; hopefully I am eligible for Ambien too. Prime your computer for a full blog tomorrow complete with photos...I hope.


Anonymous said...

Iowa is praying this morning!
Numbers 6:24-26
Love, Betty Criddle

Anonymous said...

Has our population grown by 4 yet? We are so excited for you guys! Hugs, kisses and prayers to all of you.
Update us,
Tina at First Industrial

Heather YS said...

Waiting pateinetly and sending lots of hope, love, and suuport,
Heather and Todd

Anonymous said...

INsite has all said our prayers and are anxiously awaiting the arrivial of the Magnificint Four! Our thoughts are with all of you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you both! God bless you and the little ones!

Kimberly Wise

Jaime Jones said...


Anonymous said...

Thank-you so much for sharing your website. This is really wonderful newa. I know grandma Ellen is already spoiling them.

Kathy Hefferman {Friend of Ellen's)