Friday, August 31, 2007

2 days old!

We survived our first night without babies in tummy. I thought we might be able to rest a little before bringing the babies home, but I forgot they have to eat. Pumping every 3 hours during the night is proving to be training for when we get home.

Cohen is now taking 1/2 ounce of breast milk every 3 hours and gets a bottle once a day. He loves to kick around and is stretching out every chance he gets. Mari held Cohen and bonded for about an hour this morning and I got to cuddle with him this evening.
Cohen chillin'

Mari and Cohen
Noah is trying to get a little milk but his stomach is not digesting well right now so they are holding on his feedings until that clears up. Mari was able to hold him for quite a while today and he maintained his body temp the whole time.
Noah sound asleep

Bonding with Noah

Sophia got a taste of breast milk today. I think she liked it better than I did! She requires her CPAP for breathing, but is doing well. Mari loved on her for a little yesterday while they got some cuddle time.
Finn is still on his ventilator, which is ok because he needs his rest so he can get stronger. At least we can now see his precious little face! They are planning to feed him milk tonight to see how he does. He seems to like to flex his right biceps; he has had this pose in nearly all of his ultrasounds!

Finn's Signature Pose

They all have full heads of fuzzy hair. Their hair is somewhere between brown and blonde, so we are taking bets on whose hair they'll get.

When I went to pick up our car from the mechanic this morning, I was surprised to learn that the babies were on Channel 11 news last night and a couple of times this morning! Then I went to the bank and explained my 4 wristbands to the cashier, who said she saw us on the news. We had no idea that that was going to happen! The babies have no idea how famous they already are. I think Grammy Goerlich may have had a little something to do with that. The mechanic and bank were the first stops on my long list of never-ending honey-dos.

Alright guys, you'll appreciate this one...I had the privelege of getting out of the hospital for a bit today - to buy a nursing bra! My father-in-law bailed on me and stayed in the car while I braved Motherhood Maternity. I'm staring at these sexy little numbers, trying to find the right size so I can quickly sneak out, but end up needing some help from the sales lady; as if she couldn't have guessed I would need help. Anyway, mission accomplished and plan to return tomorrow.


Heather YS said...

Way to go Chris!
I bet this won't be the last of such exciting errands!

Anna said...

Congratulations Mari & Chris!
I'm sorry we've not been able to reply right away, but all of you and your amazing families are in our thoughts and prayers. The babies are beautiful and who ever is doing the blogging over there (Chris?) - you're doing a great job! We are thinking of your little ones and especially momma (not that daddy isn't important), because without momma and her beauty and strength and health, the babies would not be here! Mari, I always thought you'd be a wonderful mom! Chris, you're made for fatherhood!
Hey, I was in the same position as you were when Madeleine was born - ask Candace : )

Kimberly Elkins said...

This is great!
First I'm grinning with anticipation as I'm waiting for your blog to open. Then I cry tears of joy as I see the pictures and read what your heart has to say about each one. Then I bust out laughing as I visualize your trip to Motherhood Maternity.

Every day I'm blessed with the joys of your journey. Thank you both for sharing these intimate, private moments with your family and friends.

See you on Oprah!!!

Kimberly Elkins

Anonymous said...

Keep the pictures and story going. We are loving it. Everyone at TSMC is pulling for theses sweet little ones.

Anonymous said...

You are truely blessed. We hope only the best for you and the babies. We are praying for Noah and hope to meet them some day when you are up in Iowa visiting Grandpa and Grandma.
Lorlee, Tim and Matthew Peterson