Thursday, August 30, 2007

1 day old

Can you believe it? They are growing up right in front of our eyes! Mari finally got to eat and drink water this morning - she was sooo hungry! She is healing well and was able to walk around today and go upstairs to see the babies. She amazes me with her strength!

Cohen is the only baby not on any respiratory treatments. Mari was able to pump and feed him a bottle this morning, which he took like a champ! He is still unable to completely regulate his body temperature, but will likely move to an isolette tonight. Believe it or not, this is improvement.

Noah is already in an isolette. They were able to remove his CPAP (continuous passive airway pressure) this morning and replace it with a regular nasal cannula, just to give him a boost of oxygen. Both Noah and Cohen are receiving momma's milk via a feeding tube every 3 hours!

Sophia continues to struggle a little with breathing. She uses a CPAP as well to help her breath, and she needs less and less oxygen each day. She always looks so comfortable in the strangest positions.
Finn is also struggling to breathe. He did not cry at birth and has had the most difficulty breathing. He initially required a breathing tube but was able to switch to the CPAP late yesterday. The main concern is he has bouts of apnea where he forgets to breathe and needs a little stimulation to get it going. We had a scare tonight where he stopped breathing for what seemed like forever. Mari was right there with him and just fell to the chair and prayed. As she started to pray, her parents walked in to comfort her and answered her prayer. The doctor was called in to put the breathing tube back in and place him on a ventilator to stabilize him.

Unfortunately, this scare reminded us that the babies are not out of the woods yet and their health is still very fragile, and that we still need all the prayers to continue.

We had lots of visitors today showering us and the babies with love. Because the babies, especially Finn, are so fragile right now, we are going to try to limit the number of visitors to the NICU.

Please continue to pray for these amazing babies. Finn really needs strength to breathe better and he needs all the prayers we can lift up.

We appreciate all the wonderful comments, e-mails, and love.



Anonymous said...

"I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that You, Lord, are able to guard what I have entrusted to You." 2 Timothy 1:12 And so we can entrust Finn, Sophia, Noah, and Cohen to Him - the one who took children in His arms and blessed them holds your children close to His heart today.

Kimberly Elkins said...

My heart is earnestly before the Lord in prayer for each one of your beautiful babies. I look forward to the positive updates to come. I'm thanking God in advance for the miracles he is performing in each of their little bodies. How exciting and comforting to know that God is in control.

These pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly Elkins

Heather YS said...

These little guys and gal look fragile I know, but just think how far they have come! They are strong just like their wonderful parents. It is only a short matter of time until your family of 6 (+Jaz) will be at home together. What an exciting thought!

I am looking forward to meeting all four babies, giving you congratulatory hugs, and sharing a bottle of champagne in celebration!

Love, Heather

Kathy Hefferman said...

My prayers are with you.My oldest weighted 3 lbs 13 oz ...only one but I understand the scare. Let me just say he is now 21. would never know it. Thank-you for sharing the birth of these babies.


Sarah said...

Congrats! We are praying for you and the babies! What precious little gifts from God! Thanks for keeping us in the loop thru the blog ~ what a wonderful thing!

Anonymous said...

I am letting you know that we are so thankful with you for a safe delivery!!!!!!! Judy Stamberg sent your site to me -----now we check your site each day---know that we are praying for God's best for you all!!!!!!!!! I sent your site to Alissa and Heather too----loving you!!!!! Allison and Don xoxoxoxoxxxoxo

Jenn said...

You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers. I love y'all so much and truly believe that God will continue to bless each one of you through this amazing period of your life. Lots of hugs and kisses sent your way!!

Anonymous said...

All of us "aunties" (Grammy Ellen's sorority sisters) send all our love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris saw you and the babies on the news last night. We will all keep you and the babies in our prayers. I know that all the kid-os are in Gods hands and he will bring them all through these set backs Take care and GOD BLESS
Linda M PAI

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I love the pictures! I am so happy for the both of you!!


Anonymous said...

Goerlich family-
Christian and I are so excited (and a little shocked!) to hear what you guys have been up to these past 8 months! What a wonderful miracle! The babies are beautiful and are in our prayers, as well as the two of you! Congratulations and good job, Mari! :)

Stephanie Powers and Christian Compean