Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Temporary Blog Spot While in the Hospital

The day has finally arrived, I'm moving into the hospital tomorrow night so they can monitor the babies and me more closely up until next week's delivery. I have set up this blog spot to so I can post journal entries remotely. Check back every few days, I'll try to post on this more often.


Heather YS said...

Mari and Chris,
WOW! The time is here! You guys are awesome! That is so very exciting to see how big the babies are! Can't wait til the big day!
Lots of love and well wishes!
Bones and Gyp say to tell Jazz not to worry she will still be top dog in the Goerlich house, she will just have 4 new playmates!

Murray Crew said...

Hey there, we are QUADS in Indiana. Congratulation on making it past 31 weeks and hopefully to 32 1/2. I've been reading your blog for a little while and have been encouraged by your faith, perseverance, and testimony as you face this BIG unknown adventure. Please be encouraged that quads has been THE BEST thing in the WORLD. We are living it and loving it! Don't get me wrong, it's challenging, but every challenge has its MULTIPLE rewards. Okay, I'll quit my comment ramblings....I'd love to be an encouragement to you. My email is Contact me about ANYTHING!
Our prayers are with you today,
Jen, Brad and the Murray Crew

Kimberly Elkins said...

Chris and Mari,
It's been a joy to be a part of your beautiful journey. I always look forward to my Physical Therapy appointments so I can get the new "Mari and babies" stories. The excitement in Chris' voice is so sweet. He is so proud of you Mari and brags on you every chance he gets. Even though I've never met you, I feel as though I know you and your beautiful children and I just can't help but feel privileged to be a part of this incredible blessing. I look forward to your updates and please know that your precious family of 6 (six!!!) are in my prayers everyday.

Karen said...

Mari & Chris
YEAH! Almost there, you guys are in my prayers and I cant wait to meet your new family members! Hows the food? Do I need to bring you som Fajitas? I am so excited for you guys! God Bless you and Chris keep us posted! Mari I miss talking to you!


Jennifer Grant said...

Mari & Chris - It was so wonderful to see you this weekend! I am so very proud of you for your determination, courage and huge are going to be such a great mommy!! I just can NOT wait to meet these beautiful babies! Take care of yourself and enjoy every minute of it. Lots and Lots of LOVE!!! Jenn said...

Hi Mari & Chris,

Thanks for sharing your Blessed Journey.

You are looking great and the babies too! 4 lbs of Love x 4!1 Know that God and all your friends and family are with you tomorrow on D-day. What a wonderful family life that is about to burst into the world.

We would like to send your new family something, is there anything in particular that a family of 2 that intently goes to 6 requires???

We visited the INsite studio today....they R-e-a-l-l-y miss you.
Us too.

Leon and Becky Dominick

Candace & Mark said...

Hi Chris and Mari,

We wish we could be there with you but just know that you are in our thoughts. I'm getting butterflies and a bit teary-eyed knowing that my baby brother and his wife are about to leap into the next milestone of their lives and will know 4 times the joy of new life soon after my day starts on August 29, 2007. These babies are truly blessed to be coming into the world with such loving parents as the two of you as well as with the love and support of family and friends. We cannot wait to spoil our niece and nephews.. and no way we'd forget Jazmyn!!


candace and mark

Madeleine said...

Uncle C and Aunt Mari,

Mommy keeps saying that we're gonna meet my 4 new cousins this weekend. I'm not sure what she it talking about but I'm so excited to find out. You've taken good care of me and Uncle C is always so much fun. I know you'll have enough love to go around!!


madeleine sage thomas

Melissa Durrani said...

Mari and Chris,
I know I speak on behalf of everyone in the Northwest Houston Mothers of Multiples when I say how happy we are for both of you!!! Congratulations on the births of Cohen, Noah, Finn and Sophia. May God continue to bless your happy family of 6! We send continued prayers and positive thoughts! Please contact us if you need anything!

Melissa Durrani
NWHMOM President

Anonymous said...

Chris you should market those protien shakes!
OMG....AMAZING......BEAUTIFUL.....What a beautiful family.....Mari can you see your toes yet?
Absolutly a true blessing!
We are so excited for you!
Let us know if you need anything!

Karen & Jay Ali

Edward and Cathryn said...

My what a Huge Belly! Poor Mari!
Ellen is going to have to babysit and inviite all friends to come over to help
Beautiful Babies!

debbie said...

hi mari and chris.. congratulations..
met you and the family on the cruise. ellen and i have kept up.. cant wait to meet your little ones.. i hope you will invite me sometime up to see you..i am soooo happy all is well. i have to admit i was away, and not sure the exact day they entered the world.. could you advise. or have someone lol
i couldnt quite get the time frame right..
all my love debbie from houston.. enjoyed meeting you all on our cruise to the caribbean..

Cordelia Bernal-Zakrajsek said...

Dear Mari and Chris,
Congratulations on your new bundles of joy. We are so happy for you!

Cordelia and Tom