Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sure, Finn, Rub it in! Kick me when I'm down!

Mari has been feeling pretty worn out lately and was worried she hasn't been enjoying the little things (see previous post).  During the day, she has always looked forward to nap time for a little peace, to clean up, prepare for the next awake time, and, if there is enough time, catch her breath.  

Skip ahead to today's afternoon naptime....

It is time to wake them up, see those beautiful grins and hear the sweet giggles when you open the door.  A certain smell, though very familiar, waded through the air.  BUT, something is different this time. Today, Finn decides he would like to sleep in the buff and, you guessed it, do a little "poopy painting".  Our little artiste doffed his pants and diaper and painted his body, his face, the crib, the curtains, and the floor with his POOP!!!!  Where do you even begin?! Unfortunately, I was at work (bummer) so my baby was flying solo with the Bleach brigade.  

We have been dreading this day and hoping it would never come.  Thankfully, we have good friends who have forged the way.  McNulty's - the pallet of duct tape is on the way!    


Alaine said...

Oh dear - the first of many new ideas and experiments I'm sure. And of course they will share the knowledge with each other. (OK, I'm laughing). Get the duct tape, and keep smiling. Love you.

The McNulty Family said...

Oh guys! Mary, I'm so sorry I laughed at your email.. it's easy to laugh on this side of things! Oh mama, I feel your pain.. boy to I feel your pain.. right down to the clorox stripped finger tips!!!

I love you all so much! Let's hope that was the first and last "poop by nubers" art class.

Moni Graf said...

I know it's no laughing matter right now...but I can't help myself! I'm SO gonna get paid back ten-fold for giggling while reading this post.

I'm so sorry, Mari! Keep yer chin up! You WILL laugh about this someday (or maybe when it's happening to someone me). I give you full permission to laugh it up if the Graf Quads ever develop their paint-by-poop skills.

Love you!

Suzanne said...

painting-by-poop...SO appropriate, Mon! mare....i was DYING yeseterday when i got your email. holy SMOKES! i SOOOOOO dread this day and know it is coming. i was nervous you guys posted the video--i seriously would have vomitted all over the screen. poop makes suz gag. (unless it is contained in a diaper) i've cleaned one too many adults on an operating room table that it has scarred me for life. chris, i hope you gave mari some extra lovin' that night! poor mama!!! love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl, You poor thing!! Just want you needed, right? Well i will be looking to you and gen for guidence as i am sure mine will eventually go through this too.. NO FUN!!

ANSLEY said...

Oh Mari, You poor thing!!! We love you, Jenn & Ans

Tubre Quads said...

Ewwww! Geez Finn, that's disgusting...and hilarious. Like the rest of your quad momma buddies, I shouldn't be laughing, but I can't help myself! Have a glass of wine and get Chris to give you a nice foot deserve it!

Love ya,

Arnold Quads said...

I feel your pain! We are going through the same thing right now. Our son pooped in his crib, got it all over, crawled out of his crib pooped on the floor, and then decided to crawl in his sisters crib and get poop in there. (Along with the walls)! So much Fun! I hope the duct tape works! LOL

Charity Donovan said...

Oh goodness!!! Not what a mother of quads needs to start the 2nd part of her day with! Why do I have a feeling my crew will follow down this path as well??? lol!

Finleypotamus said...

Tell your Finn not to tell my Finn about this. Mine loves to disrobed and take off his diaper too!! I don't want him to realize just how fun painting by poop can be. ;)

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