Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At-Home Workout

People often ask me if I workout. And yes, I do. I sweat my butt off every day. I think I sweat more working from home than I do working out at home. This mom stuff is hard work.  There is no frilly apron or high heeled shoes over here. Most days, I feel like I am in a full-fledge workout - forgetting to put a smile on my face for hours at a time, I just put my head down and do my best to get through the routine. I have over 80 pounds of children that I am lifting, tugging, pushing, pulling all day long. And when they're off to nap, I'm left with a mess which requires a lot of sweeping, scrubbing, folding, lugging...  

How did this childhood dream of being a mom turn into a dreaded home workout?  I've been asking myself this so much recently and I've realized it's my own choice. I am simply forgetting to have fun. Chill out about the mess and just be silly.  Ask God for strength and accept it. Take time out for myself and let the laundry go.  It's a mindset that I have to work at daily (minute by minute at times!) and one that I can control. 

A book that has helped me tremendously to put the silly back in my day is the Toddlers Busy Book.  There are so many fun activities that I would never dream up. For instance, today I turned to a page with an activity called "Trampoline Fun". Basically it said to pull your child's crib mattress into the living room and let them use it as a trampoline.  At first I was like, really? That doesn't seem like a good idea - they'll ruin the mattress.  They'll learn how to jump right out of their crib and then I have a bigger problem.  All of these excuses ran through my head. But then I thought, why not? So I jammed some music and pulled out two crib mattresses and we danced and jumped and did somersaults and wrestling matches. We all laughed and had such a great time and I didn't think one time about how much I was sweating.

For the Lord God is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation.
Isaiah 12:2

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The McNulty Family said...

Great post mama! These are words to live by... just keep telling me k!?

I love you. How's are little Sophia?


Moni Graf said...

Oh my are wonderful, Mari. Just plain wonderful. I love your outlook and your ability to see beyond your current situation.

Thanks for the reminders. We all need them somedays.

Love ya,

Alaine said...

What fun Mari! You gotta praise and play..."The Lord is my strength and shield....I will give thanks to Him in jumping up and down!" Psalm28:7 (just take off "in song" and add any phrase that works to remind ourselves of all the places and ways to praise and give thanks) Hugs and love to all!

Suzanne said...

mari- so true! so real. thank you so much for posting...i could definitely use the reminder! i'm so glad you found that book--i must order immediately! you are fantastic mom and your kiddies are MORE than lucky to have you! hugs and more hugs!

yes, how is sophia?

Finleypotamus said...

I am so glad you are letting yourself relax a bit and have fun. Big hugs.

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Sophia's doing a lot better. Everyone else has colds right now (including me) so I'm a bit on edge. We've had Finn to get chest x-rays and everything looks fine so far. Praise the Lord! Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

What a great fun mom you are - your kids are blessed to have you. Debbie

Your post reminded me of something Erma Bombeck wrote after she found out she had cancer. Part of it: "I would have sat on the lawn with my children and not worried about grass stains" "Instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle." "When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, "Later. Now go get washed up for dinner." "There would have been more "I love you's".. More "I'm sorrys" ...

But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute... look at it and really see it ... live it...and never give it back.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see you post. Todd and I were beginning to get worried that maybe the other babies had gotten sick and were about to inititiate a panic phone call to you tonite.
Thanks for the reminder about having fun and not sweating the small stuff. I have been trying to remind myself about that while we continue to be so busy all the time, struggling thru post-Ike which has been so painstakingly slow. Surviving life without little Mr. B has forced me to relearn that as well.

We love you. Here'e to remembering to play and enjoy everyday no matter how busy!

Anonymous said...
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