Monday, May 26, 2008

A Memorable Weekend, For Sure!

We didn't take any road trips, or have a day at the lake. No jet setting for a weekend getaway. Still, we had a memorable weekend - one that was picture perfect. Here are just a few we captured on camera, there are hundreds more that we'll keep in our hearts.

We smelled summer with the Plumeria blooming on our patio.

The babies tried new foods...this one is mango, lime, avocado!

Sophia worked on growing her teeth that she'll need for summer sweet corn!

We took over the park!





We went to the pool and had a blast with our friends! (Thank you Rebecca & Family for pitching in so we could all swim!)

Went grocery shopping - check out those carts!

And dreamt of doing it all over again!

Couldn't end without a video


The Murray Crew said...

This post is UNBEATABLE! Absolutely fabulous! The pictures are amazing! You captured such awesome memories so well. I'm so glad you're enjoying all these awesome adventures. I just posted some park pictures too! =) The boys truly love the great outdoors - thank goodness since we do too! Jaz is such a sweet dog. My fav pic is of course the one of the legs hanging in the swings. Barefeet little Sweeties. Great video footage too! Okay, I'm going to bed now and I'll quit taking up screen space on your precious comment section. Night Night!
Jen and The Crew

Andria said...

Amazing photos! I love the color and angles of them (especially the swings). What precious memories. Those babes are growing fast!

Wendy said...

I LOVE the chunky, little legs dangling from the swings! That is SO precious! I can't stand it!

Lisa Johnson said...

The best shot are those legs dangling! Everyone has said it, so now you need to print it and hang it up!! :)

I can't believe I missed all those babies at the park!! And I can't believe you took them all to the pool!! WOW! You guys ROCK! I don't even brave that place. :)

Preemie Twins' Nanny said...

Love that picture of all four (sets of) swinging baby legs! Two awesome!

Another mix, that sounds odd, banana-avocado, sounds gross but I haven't met a baby that doesn't like it!

Collegegirl said...

Love the new pictures! Looks like you are having the time of your lives. What cuties!

Alaine said...

Oh,what a wonderful weekend! I am amazed at all you did - the pictures are adorable. Hugs to each one. Much love.

Anonymous said...

A tooth...way to go Sophia!!! So glad you guys had such a special weekend. Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!! Love you, Ansley

Pam said...

Precious babies, sounds like a wonderful, memorable weekend! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Love the picture of the babies in the swing! Amazing shot! your family is beautiful!

Misty said...

The babies look so cute! I love the swing picture. I know we emailed a few times about meeting in houston or up here in Dallas. i'm hoping to be down there sometime in June, will ya'll be around? I'm hoping to meet us with the Wells also (another set of gggg quads).
Your pictures are really great! I hope to meet in person one day,
gggg quads 18months
i finally put a blog together too!

Jarrett Quads said...

The pictures are wonderful! The babies are growing so fast. Isn't it great that sometimes the simplest things are the best.

Suzanne said...

ok, sounding completely unoriginal after reading the other comments, THAT PIC OF THE FOUR QUADS ALL IN A ROW IN THE SWING IS AMAZING! holy cow! so freaking cute! and loved yalls post about roughin it under the houston sky--u guys are too fun. i love it. and the "dont drink the water" caption?...there is no other phrase that would suit that picture better!

Anonymous said...

Love the song and the video!!

Kathy Hefferman

Anonymous said...

I too loved the feet dangling from the swing. You have inspired me to take my kids out more!!!