Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Moonlit Texas Night

Roughin' It

Last night, Mari and I were sitting outside chatting after dinner.  We were talking about how we hope we remember to play and have fun with our kids.  We want to make sure we have a ton of family memories of going skateboarding with dad or water balloon fights with mom or playing bocce in the backyard together.  We have to remember to stay young at heart.  I told Mari this shouldn't be a problem for me since I still act like a 16-year old and still haven't grown up. :)

The weather was gorgeous outside, the stars were out, the temperature was in the 70's and I said to Mari, like I have over a dozen times before with typically zero positive response, "We should sleep outside tonight!" And wouldn't you know, she agreed!  Off we were to an impromptu camping trip.  Well, actually, we just set up our tent in the backyard and plugged in the baby monitor.  And since we're not true "campers" we tried to squeeze our queen mattress inside of the tent but it wouldn't fit so we just put the tent on top of the mattress.  We enjoyed a beautiful Texas night  lit by a full moon sleeping under the stars.  We created a lasting memory for ourselves and hope to do this with the kiddos one day.  

Don't Drink the Water!

Finn Taunts Jazmyn

Wrestle Mania With Cohen & Jaz

Breakfast Buffet

So remember to have fun this weekend - even if you're staying at home. Enjoy the opportunities you have around you and stay young at heart! Everyone have a safe and fun Memorial Day!! 


Alaine said...

"..He stretches out the heavens like a tent." Psalm 104:2 What a great idea! The kiddos look like they are finding plenty of fun also. Enjoy the weekend. Much love to all.

Anonymous said...

So cute!! Love the attempt at camping. I would have done the same thing.
Hey can you send me your email address, i have some questions i want to ask yiou about how you scheduled the quads... I need your help :)

Collegegirl said...

The kiddos look like they are having so much fun:) Hope "camping" is fun!!! They look so comfortable on daddy:)
Have a great Memorial day!!!

Preemie Twins' Nanny said...

You have a vizsla!!! It's a vizsla! I have a vizsla! I love vizslas! Can't wait to see more baby-dog photos!!!

Anonymous said...

You two are such an incredible couple and parents.....what a fun idea - camping. The kiddos are growing up in such a loving, fun and carefree home......I love that Noah looks offended that a picture was taken with them in the bath!!!
Have a safe and fun weekend.

Pam said...

The babies are just growing so fast and they are all precious! Love that tent arrangement, I can't handle sleeping on the ground anymore, but he memories I have of camping with my family when I was little is wonderful! Make those memories, time goes by so fast, my youngest is graduating from high school this year and it seems like he just started kindergarden! Thanks for sharing, a friend in East Texas, Pam.

Lisa Johnson said...

Awww...that is so cool!!Next time we can park the trailer outside the house and you can take the kids camping. :)

You guys are too cute!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are awesome! Mark and I need to go camping! Love you! - Laura Shook