Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sicks Months Old

Hang on! It's a wild ride!

Wow! 6 months old! It doesn't seem like a lot until you think of it as half a year old. And to think at this time last year, we were trying to figure out how we were going to manage triplets!

Our good friend, Alaine, came over to hang with the wee-ones so we could go out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary and the babies' 1/2 b-day. We had a little sushi, a little wine and a grand ol' time! For the babies' big day, we graduated them to a 4-hour schedule so they now have 2 hours of playtime followed by 2 hours of recovery time (for us of course). They still sleep from 6:30p - 6:30a!!!!!!!! Just that now they all sleep in their own crib. We finally broke down and got the last 2 cribs. It seemed someone was always screaming because they were kicked in the head or having their hair pulled. Naptime is much better now.

Wow Finn! That's cool! (said in Sophia's voice)

Unfortunately, Mari has been sick for the past couple of weeks along with Cohen, and now Sophia and Finn are beginning to cough as well. Mari has been battling through it and doing an amazing job with the kiddos.
Brotherly Love - Noah and Finn

Cohen 15# 12oz
Noah 11# 12oz
Finn 14# 9oz
Sophia 13# 6oz
Noah's last appointment with Dr. Quiros went very well. His liver values are getting much better and his bilirubin is totally normal! They said he is rockin' and that we could start trying him on cereals now! He is not quite sure what to think of rice cereal, just holding it in his mouth and not swallowing. This little dude has so much energy, I think he would stay up all day if we let him.
Umm, what is this?
Cohen is still the big boy of the bunch and seems to be the first to do everything (1st one delivered, 1st to roll over...) His newest thing is being the first one to get sick. Yuck! Poor little guy has been coughing for almost a month now but only started really feeling bad the last week or so. Mari took him to the pediatrician who thinks Coco may have asthma; chest X-rays are normal so thankfully no signs of RSV. He now uses an inhaler and nebulizer treatment a few times a day, but we hope to stop these treatments soon. He has been such a good sport about it, usually falling asleep with the mask and the saddest look ever on his face.

Is it Cohen?....or Maverick?
Finn has really changed over the past month or so. He has been an animal with his bottle, ravaging every feeding. He is making a run at Cohen for the biggest boy of the bunch. Finn has such a beautiful, mouth-wide-open smile that will melt you - and a double chin to match.
Finn goes karaoke

Sophia is our little alarm clock. She wakes up about 15 minutes before mealtime and starts screaming 15 minutes before it is time to go to bed. We're pretty sure this is her way of beating the boys to the punch. We got our fancy new stroller, the Runabout, and Sophia absolutely loves it! She will be asleep before we even get to the street and sleep the entire time.
I'm a sucker for those blue eyes

What humidity does to a girl's hair

Cohen, Finn, and Sophia are all eating oatmeal, fruit and veggies 2-3 times a day. Mari has been pureeing their fruit and veggies for them which is pretty cool. It's like she's making dinner for them which seems so much more special.
We are looking forward to this weekend when Grammy stays over and gets to love on the babies.....and we get to go to a movie.

The future's so bright you gotta wear shades


Anonymous said...

The perfect before bed treat - baby updates! Praying everyone feels better soon! It was such fun to see all of you and play with the babies - "God's best to you! Christ's blessings to you!" Philemon 1:3

The Murray Crew said...

First of all...My jaw is still on the floor after your last post. Hot tubs, eloping, Savage Garden, Key West....OH MY! REBELS!

Next...the babes are oh so cute! They are doing sooooo awesome, due to your hard work and TLC.

Also, don't you LOVE the 4 hour schedule? It's amazing what you can get accomplished during naptime! AND more importantly it gives you a much needed breather.

Finally, sorry to hear that the sickies are present. We've been dealing with illnesses back to back and it's been soooo challenging. I'll be praying for things to bounce back to "normal" very shortly.

Your quad buddy,

Anonymous said...

I don't know how much I've said it over the past 6 mo. but I'm going to say it again...'AMAZING'! 'BEAUTIFUL'!
I'm still not sure how you guys are doing it, but it's evident you are doing it so well! Blessings and prayers to your family! xoxox
Love ya, Tina

Anonymous said...

You Goerlichs ROCK!!!!!!!!! I can not wait for the big adventure to Austin. Ansley is already telling everyone on the block that her best friends are coming for a sleep over :) Lots of Love, Jenn & Ans

Suzanne said...

oh my gosh! they are looking so big and beautiful. sophia's eyes KILL ME! they are so pretty...hope cohen and mari start feeling better SO SOON! like jen said, the 4 hour schedule is incredible! and don't you love that they sleep for 12 full hours! its like the parents totally have their night to themselves! LOVE IT! keep on rockin' it G-babies!(oh, and btw- i totally LOVED "quad mama drama"..that got MY vote!)

Suzanne said...

also, i've never really noticed how much finn and sophia look alike! do you get that alot?? love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! They're so big! I can't believe how much (and how fast) they've grown! The boys and I are hoping to fight our colds so we can visit sometime around spring break. I'll call soon!
Kara, Andrew & Alex

Amanda Felix said...

They are all growing so beautifully! I hope Cohen is feeling better.
It is good to hear all the updates. Keep them coming, please! Hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot believe how big the babies are getting - and how far you all have come. What an absolute joy it is to read your blog and loving the pictures. THANKS

Gen McNulty said...

I just have to say that I LOVE the new pictures. They are just too sweet for words. You look like your having a great time! Enjoy the 4 hour schedule.. it only get's better!!!! As soon as they can hold those bottles you will feel like a new woman!!! Look our world!


BoufMom9 said...

Your babies are just adorable! And doing just wonderful weight-wise.
BTW The picture of the two of you is wonderfully romantic!

Lisa Johnson said...

How adorable they are!! I completely enjoyed watching Sophia and Finn the other day, please let me know if I can help again!

I think I even recognize that first picture of Sophia, I took a few shots while I was there. :)

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Aww they are so precious!