Thursday, March 27, 2008

Feeling Left Out

We spend so much of our time consumed with the babies that we have begun to leave out our first born, Jazmyn. 
She has been pretty good about taking a backseat.  But this week she's started getting more clever about getting our attention by bringing out some of her old toys that haven't seen the light of day in a while.  One of her newfound favs is Yellow Mel. 

He makes a loud squeaky when squeezed which will get anyone's attention pretty quickly.... unless you are competing with four, 7-month olds that tend to cry over the squeak - then, you're out of luck.  But Jaz is no dummy and she's come up with a few ways to compete:

First, She Thought She'd Put Him Where the Babies Eat & Play... Surely We'll Notice Them There

Next, she tried the laundry basket

When that didn't work, she tried the babies' toy box

And lastly, she just put him straight on top of Finn & they FINALLY got noticed!

I'll try to post some video of the babies and Jaz this week.  They are really starting to interact with her more and more. Noah cracks up laughing every time she runs after her toy. Cohen thinks its so funny that she can squeak her toys over and over again.  Jaz, your time is coming - these four little friends will be your best playmates yet.


Anonymous said...

Played hooky from school most of today, so am home early. (I actually did have a doctor's appointment) Poor puppy - she really can pour on that sad look! Can't wait to see the video. In no time at all they will be stealing all her toys.

Anonymous said...

Jack & Zoe said to come play with them - they are feeling left out too :(

Suzanne said...

awwww...too cute. shi baby can totally relate. poor jaz. just didn't know what was coming every time you walked through that door with another baby! you're right, these pups will get their time..and they will be running far away when the little ones start pulling on ears and tails!

Anonymous said...

Way to funny and cute as can be! I found your site via the Tubre's. What a hoot!

BoufMom9 said...

That is too cute! Love all the cute places where the squeeky ended up. LOL

King Quads said...

Too funny. Love that face in the picture by the Boppy. Pretty soon Jaz will be hiding from the babies as soon as they can start chasing after her!