Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's Really Goin' On

Are we cleaning up after a fun-filled weekend with our buddies, the Steece's ? (check out her site for a great recap)?

Or is it potty training mania?


The Cochran Crew said...

Ewwww, potty training! I dread those days already!!!! Love all the pics on Suz's blog! You are an absolutely beautiful family! Love You!

Alaine said...

Looks like a fun-filled time with buddies! Now the other, maybe not so much although it has its moments, I'm sure. Will contact you when I return from Kenya - much love to all of you, Alaine

Suzanne said...

hahaha....laughed so hard i snorted when i saw the 5 hr energy shots! oh mare...been thinking about you nonstop! i love you for just jumping in and doing it---after i sit here and plan everything out ad naseum. keep that end in sight, woman! NO MORE DIAPERS! INSTANT PAY RAISE! BIG KIDS!

(oh yah, and teach me all of your tricks!)

hope the 3-day is going well for you! you are halfway done!!!!
love you!

Shannon said...

Looks fun, not the potty training part though. I hope the kids are feeling better and those fevers are all gone. We missed you, but we know how that is!

Stephanie said...

I loves the blog update by Suz!
Sounds like a fabulous weekend..unlike the weeks you are about to have! lol
Best of luck on potty training!!! It will be SOOOO worth it in the end!!

ANSLEY said...

Way to go guys!! You can do it!!

AJ said...

Okay, I have to comment! I see that you are using those awful potty chairs... When I was potty training my kiddos I bought that little seat that fits over the toilet. There is no 'clean up' afterward--you just flush. All you need is 1 and you clean that seat the same as you would clean the toilet seat. It's a no brainer. Good luck, I know it can be difficult.