Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Colorful Spring

Spring is definitely in the air in Texas! The weather has been beautiful leading to some serious spring fever. We have enjoyed the outdoors at Grammie's house, the zoo and the International Festival in Downtown Houston.

We celebrated Mema's 88th birthday at Grammie's house. Once the rain stopped (after the grilling was finished), we had tikes on trykes, tikes in swings, and a mad game of kickball.

Cousin Madeleine and Mema

Madeleine, Cohen, Noah, Grammie, Sophia, Finn

With a severe case of spring fever, I took off work one day for a family outing the zoo. This was the first time I had been to the zoo without the kids in a stroller or wagon - just hand in hand. We stopped to enjoy a tasty pretzel and view the blooming azaleas. We ended the day with an awesome dinner and fun time at Clay's Restaurant. This place is a must-go on a nice day with kids!

The Beautiful Azaleas In Full Bloom At the Zoo
Munchin on Pretzels With the Munchkins

Clay's Restaurant's Proud Peacock Giving Us a Dinnertime Show

Finn aka Mr. Social finds a new buddy at Clay's
No mechanical bulls at Clay's but these will do
(Finn and Noah)

We headed downtown for the International Fest - the Caribbean. We walked all around, danced to the steel drums, and dreamed of dancing like the colorful ethnic dancers on stage. Afterwards we walked over the Hard Rock Cafe for a bite to eat and couldn't leave without a brownie a la mode.

Super tall Caribbean dancers

The kids are all smiles after chowing down



Daddy and Sophia share a moment

The root of all happiness?


Alaine said...

Those huge smiles say it all! I always enjoy your pictures. Love to all of you.

Shannon said...

They make me smile!

The Cochran Crew said...

Love it when you post, your children are absolutely precious!!! love your family!

Hilary said...

Amazing pictures too :)

Anonymous said...

What fun times in the beautiful spring weather - lots of smiles going around. Love, Debbie