Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Lesson in Patience

With  little ones running around all day, patience is at the top of our prayer list.  In fact, I thought I was patient - I could patiently drive behind the person driving 45 mph down the highway, wait in line at the store - until having kids that is.  

"Momma, when is this thing coming?"

The most recent test of patience was purchasing and assembling their new Step 2 Adventure Lodge.  We waited for our tax return to buy this online back in February, was back-ordered until March, and finally arrived after much anticipation and one day of Mari sitting at home waiting for the package to never arrive (UPS must have called the wrong number - ours - telling us a package - not ours - was being delivered and someone needed to be home).  On a gorgeous 80 degree Saturday, we excitedly began organizing the 8 million pieces and started the assembly process.  This thing was going up in no time and we hadn't even had an argument yet.  Then came step 35, which called for a U-bracket.  "Honey, where's the U-bracket?''  So I call Step 2 on Monday to have them overnight the U-brackets to us.  We were pumped to finish this project the following weekend, but it was 40 degrees and raining so it didn't happen.  We finally got it all finished this past weekend after a trip to Lowe's to buy a bolt that was already attached.

The finished product (with a few tweaks)

"Can you believe we thought this thing was fun?" (Sophia)

Now, we try to exercise patience every time one of the kids walk in front of one of the others swinging and gets kicked in the side of the head.  It is so hard not to laugh sometimes.

"Woohoo!  Walk in front of me I dare you!" (Coco kicking up his heels on the big boy swing)

"I will conquer this great slide!" (Noah)

"I'm not so sure I'm supposed to be doing this." (Finn)

We felt like we needed to celebrate our huge accomplishment and the fact that we are still married so we grilled some steaks, ate al fresco and downed some ice cream on an absolutely perfect spring evening.

A beautiful memory

Patience was conquered for the moment ... until we booked our first week-long vacation for just the two of us.  It is way overdue and much needed.  Now we just have to sit and wait and try not to eat pizza and cupcakes every night.


Alaine said...

Wow! Everybody is going to want to come to your house to play. Loving the look on Finn's face. Have a great time enjoying new adventures in your backyard kiddos. (hopefully the wait for the vacation is not too long-enjoy it)Much love to all of you! (Col. 3:17)

Suzanne said...

friggin awesomeness!!! HOLY COW! i want to come play on it MYSELF! ;) so glad you guys had a nice little din din outside--looks like so much fun. the steece quads will definitely have to make a stop at "goerlich fun-land" this summer!
love you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

You need a sign in your front yard "Goerlich's Adventure Lodge". too cute - I love to see their personalities show through even in pictures. What fun memories. Sophia cracks me up - that girl enjoys life!!!!

The McNulty Family said...

I'm pretty sure Step2, IKEA, and all other self-assembly manufacturers signed a pact with the alcohol industry for mutual benefit. They make assemblying as hard as possible, and you end up drinking to cope with all the stress.....=)

Well done Chris & Mari - awesome set, just in time for the gang to enjoy it in the good weather!

All our best from CA!


Shannon said...

That looks wonderful. We want to come play.