Thursday, April 17, 2008

We're on the Move

With all the action around our house, we need to pick up the pace and move it!  Cohen led the charge to go commando and all the other troops fell in line.  That's right, all 4 of our "little" ones are moving all over the place!  The other day Mari was sitting on the floor reading to Sophia when she felt someone grab her hip.  She was startled at first because she was the only one home, then she turned and looked, only to see Cohen who just 10 seconds ago was playing on the floor in the other room.

This is our first boys' weekend - party time!  Mari and Sophia jetted off to Iowa for a girls-getaway, so me and the boys are doing some male bonding. I promise we'll TRY to stay out of trouble.  I'm bummed to have my 2 honeys gone and will miss them this weekend.  

Mari has been working hard on a new video of all the movement.  So, here it is!  Enjoy...

Our supply of free ready-to-feed formula is finished.  We have been spoiled so far and now have to make our own formula.  We found it is easier to make an entire can at a time, which unfortunately, only lasts about a day!

Noah is usually so serious in front of the camera, but we caught him off guard - Gotta love those dimples!!

Our spring bouquet

Ol' blue eyes

"Ha!  Wait 'til you check my diaper."

The babies started to pull down their bumpers so they could see and talk to each other so we tried to go without them...

So we found these cool "mesh bumpers" they can't pull over their face and still give them the privacy they need to get a good nap.


Ashhog said...

Such a cool video-hilarious! Love the song with it! My boys have those same blue and yellow outfits. Such cute kids!

Anonymous said...

Earth shakin' video! Start baby proofing everything - Love the picture of Noah's smile. "We are God's workmanship,...." Eph. 2:10 God does great work - holding you all in prayer,

Ansley said...

I love it!!!! Come shake it with us!

Tubre Quads said...

Unbelievable video! You guys rock. I know that must have taken some time to put together and it showed through.

I can't wait for the Cupcakes to start crawling. I'm sure I will regret it shortly after, but it will be amazing to see.

You are so blessed with 4 BEAUTIFUL babies. I'm jealous of all the beach fun on the last post! Keep up the great work guys.

Your Louisiana Buddies,
The Tubre's

Anonymous said...

Cutest video ever!
Love ya, Tina

RossQuads said...

Can you tell me more about the mesh bumpers? Our quads are having similar problems and I would love a solution! Thanks.