Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Beach Time, Baby!

RSV season is now officially over for our area and we are excited to finally get out a little more!  This Sunday we packed up the fam, plus four pack and plays, the runabout, a rubbermaid full of toys and bottles, our flip flops & sunglasses and headed to the beach to see Mema, Pepa, Grammie and meet our little cousin CJ.  We enjoyed the sun with two separate walks on the beach as we reminisced of our days living on the island when we were newly married and questioned why we ever left.  It really is a beautiful place to live.

The New Beach Cruiser

No Pack and Play Needed For Noah - Pepa's Tummy is Just Fine!

And Who Needs Bouncy Seats When You've Got Mema's Lap?

Hangin' With CJ

We'll be back soon!


Anonymous said...

Mari and Chris,
So glad you had a beautiful day to enjoy with family. Always love to see your pictures - such precious gifts.
"God has given us these times of joy." Psalm 81:4

Ashhog said...

Your kids are just adorable! The beach sounds wonderful-I can't wait to take my boys!

Anonymous said...

SO JEALOUS!! One, because of the beach but Two, because we are still on issolation til may 1 :(. Only 21 days left, WOO HOO.
The kids look great!!!

Gen McNulty said...

Good for you guys!!!

As always, I love all the new pictures.. the babies look amazing!

Gen :)

BoufMom9 said...

Looks like a lovely time on the beach! LOVE the awesome "stroller"!

Suzanne said...

gosh, you guys are toooo cute! i miss good ole galveston--love that you guys were able to soak in some sun! sophia is rockin some AWESOME hair! LOVE IT! thinkin we MIGHT be in H-town saturday, may 3rd? i dunno...not for sure, just throwin it out there! ;)