Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Few Photos From February

February was a busy month - so busy that I barely took any pictures! Here are a few I did manage to get.

We Enjoyed A Visit From Papa & Grandma
A Weekend in Austin....

....with Ansley

....and cousin Madeleine
(Finn & Madeleine)

and finished it off with anniversary celebrations with Suz & Joe Steece!
(they celebrated 7 years a day after our 8 year anniversary!)

Now that February has come and gone - March potty madness is in full swing! Well, nothing major yet but we have introduced the potties and they all quite enjoy trying them out a few times a day.

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Alaine said...

February is short, but looks like you packed in plenty of action. Hope your anniversary was wonderful and fun - especially celebrating with friends. Love seeing the pics of the kiddos, of course. Love to all of you! Alaine

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a fun month!!
Happy Anniversary!! So glad you got to spend it with the Steeces!!
Good luck with the potty training!!

The Cochran Crew said...

So sweet! Good Luck with the potties!!!!

Anonymous said...

yea - photos of the munchkins - they are so cute...happy anniversary - I need a play date soon :) Love Debbie

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics of the boys in the "jon" SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! Such big kids! And so glad you guys and the Steeces had a blast! 4 people who definatly deserve the break! LOVE YOU