Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Mommy Checked Into the Looney Bin

10. There was a baby doll roasting on ol' smoky.

9. Walked in to greet the kids good morning and found Noah and his pillow smeared with blood.

{Noah Busted His Chin On Who Knows What}

8. "No Mommy! I do it!!"

{Sophia Attempts to Make Us Coffee & Everyone Else Wants to Help}

7. Wrestle mania which quickly turned to mayhem.

{Cohen Crushes Noah - All Giggles Until...}
6. Naked wrestle mania which led to peeing on their mattresses.

{No picture for that one - I was too far over the edge to think to get the camera!}

5. Got a report that the kids asked the sitter if she had a 'penish or a ja-jine-ah?'

{No pic for this one either - just picture my cheeks as red as Noah's bloody chin!}

4. "No Mommy! I do it!"

{Finn decides to make some toast of his own}

3. "Mommy, watch this!"


2. Five toddlers and a turd in the tub.

{Noah, Finn, Sophia, Cohen & Ansley - Who done it?}

1. "No Mommy! I do it!"

{Mr. He-Man Noah tries to open the "gum drawer" all by himself and rips the thing off the hinges!}


Anonymous said...

SOOOO FUNNNYY! Hold onto your marbles Mari!
Mucjh love and laughs from Galveston! H and T

Alaine said...

Well, you know what they say - Life is not all beer and skittles. I guess only part of it is? Or - Of all the thirty-six alternatives, running away is best.
No school next Monday, was going to email about a visit-but I might have to work. Ha It gave me a giggle or two to see how they are all growing up. Love all of you so very much!!! Alaine

jag said...

Bless your heart Mari! This post scares me a little. I thought mine were already into everything. Clearly, there's more to come! Hang in there hon! You handle it all with such grace!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh - how funny and how not funny!!! I can just hear them and picture them in action. I thought the tub and a "turd" meant a third, meaning 3 year old Ans - not an actual turd!!!! I always refer to Noah as little strong man..love you all - Debbie

Anonymous said...

P.S. glad the naked wrestle mania did not happen on my watch :)

Suzanne said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. MYYYYYYY. GAWSH!!!! you've GOT to be kiddin' me?!?! what has gotten in to these kids?!?! (and by THESE KIDS---i am most definitely including my own! lol)

mare, you crack me up- this post craaaacked me up! we can sign up for the looney bin together! hopefully we get a room with a view. at least we get room service or something, right?!?

ugh. these 3 wks need to FLY BY!

Cassia said...

Mari! Oh what fun, right? They are precious! And you are an amazing mom!! If it makes you feel any better...my boys keep my head "twirling" too! I just have to remind myself to breathe and appreciate...:) it really helps me keep my marbles! Love and hugs from Scotland!

Stephanie said...

Oh girl...you have your hands full!!!
I can only give you a little hopeful advice..it gets better..I PROMISE!
This posts brings back some memories of my son! lol

King Quads said...

Awesome post my friend...AWESOME!

ANSLEY said...

Laughing so hard right now!!! Girl u can do it, if anybody can its you!! See you next week! We love you!!

Carol said...

If any of us knew what we were getting into, we might not sign up for it! However, it is all worth it, for sure. Never a dull moment around 4 kids--I can vouch although mine each came separately.

The Cochran Crew said...

Make room for me in the Looney Bin too!!! Love you so much!

Shannon said...

Oh wow! LOL Try M&Ms. They cure all things. I know they sure make toddlers that were going nutty during EKGs and Echocardiograms go still immediately.

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP MARI! I am laughing and feeling bad for you all at the same time. TODDLERS!!!!!! AAAGGHHH

Bret and Heather said...

Toooo funny!! Oh the things I get to look forward to raising quads. Great post!

ABIGAIL said...

This post made me laugh out loud--it's hilarious!

My name is Abigail Pogrebin; I'm an identical twin and former 60 Minutes producer who just published a book about twins called "One and the Same." I think any parent of twins will find much to chew on and maybe some guidance as to how to dodge pitfalls of doubleness. I'd love to speak to you about the possibility of a book giveaway, review and/or author Q&A. My email is apogrebin@gmail.com, website:www.abigailpogrebin.com.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your blog and I'm so glad that I did. HILARIOUS!