Sunday, January 17, 2010

All Dressed Up...

....with no place to go! (Thank goodness!) The kids love dressing up in our shoes, my jewelry, my purses and Sophia has now convinced the boys that their play power tools are much better suited for beauty salon equipment. If you have a moment, all the kids will pull your hair out free of charge! Check it out for yourself....

Why is Daddy Losing His Hair? from Mari Goerlich on Vimeo.


Shannon said...

Haha they are precious! Can I make an appointment to get my hair done at the Goerlich salon and maybe a fashion consultation? :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Goerlich groomers - especially with the power tools!!! I want my hair done next time I'm over - love to all Debbie

QuatroMama said...

Toooooo Much! Mari, I love how you capture so many details in your videos...the memories are priceless. PS Were those underoos I spotted?
Love you!

Fiamma said...

you make the best videos Mari! Seriously. every single time I am blown away by your videos and your kids- who are beauteeeeful!
They are to die for. Are they for sale?!

Alaine said...

Isn't it fun when they imitate you? (well, unless they imitate one of those moments in life...)They grow more precious in each video/set of pictures you post. Hugs and love to all of you!!

King Quads said...

This is great! I love the click click click of those heals! BTW - Impressive shoe collection my dear.

I love hearing the voices of the Goerlich quads on the video's you do...I also love hearing their mama's sweet voice.

This is precious, I love it and it makes me want to do more videos of my crew - thank you!

Anonymous said...

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