Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow Much Fun!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here - we even had snow last week which is almost unheard of around here!  It was fun to watch the kids enjoy the wonder of the cold.  What was not fun was to try to get four opinionated two year olds (who see no need for things such as socks, hats, coats, pants) bundled up for only a couple of cold wet minutes of play.  My hats off to you mamas north of us who do this day in and day out all winter long - what a job!  Other Christmas traditions we enjoyed this week; hot cocoa with jumbo marshmallows, butternut squash soup, decorating the tree together, redecorating the tree alone and taking family Christmas photos.  What a fun time of year this is, especially through the eyes of three boys and a little girl!  

Snow Much Fun from Mari Goerlich on Vimeo.


Alaine said...

We truly see that life is not as complicated or as difficult as we make it when viewing it "through the eyes of a child". Just as Jesus reminded us "faith like one of these children". Such fun to watch the expressions. By the way, kiddos, you can come do my decorating-then it might get done! Love to all of you.

Anonymous said...

That video was priceless!! Love all their expressions and you have the best looking tree in town. Noah and his dimples is a man after my heart!! Love - Debbie

Michelle said...

So sweet! Your videos are always precious. You have a talent for picking the right music for the mood! Merry Christmas to you all!

Mobile, AL

Anonymous said...

Your videos are beautiful! Not to speak of your children who are so so beautiful! Love the videos! Thanks for sharing! You are a beautiful family!

Rhonda J said...

This is my first time (stalking your page) :) I have always been a reader of the Steece Blog and thought I would check out your beautiful quads. Oh my, I have to say that I just loved the video. The music was so pretty and I love how I could hear you talking with the kiddos in the background; catching snowflakes on their tongues was precious! I can tell that you are a good mom just by that small snippet into your life. Thanks for sharing.
-Rhonda (Henderson, TN)