Monday, November 30, 2009

B is For....

Blogger Bums!
Where has November gone? It definitely got away from us and we've been major bums on blogging.  Here's a quick review of what happened this month!

Birthday Weekend With Best Friends!
A few of my beautiful girlfriends helped me celebrate my 32nd birthday by spending a night at the Inn at the Ballpark downtown Houston.

Shannon, Colleen, Mari & Jo Ann

We hit the Nutcracker Market for some holiday shopping,

Appropriately Posing In the Dog House 
as Our Hubbies Were Manning the Kids While We Shopped!

enjoyed a delicious dinner at Sambuca, then back to the hotel for some goofing off and lots of gab!  
What slumber party would be complete without a pillow fight?

Big Boy {and girl}  Beds!
Our little monkeys have been able to climb in and out of their cribs for months now. We were able to teach them to only climb in and out when we came in to get them and during the day when we'd let them play in their rooms. So the next step was to take the sides of the crib off.  Nervously we disassembled their beds and prayed they'd still nap!  It took about 3 days before we didn't have any midnight visitors in our room but they did it!  It's been great ever since and especially helpful to not have to travel with pack-n-plays!

Cohen Kicks Back in His Big Boy Bed

Traveling Light With Bedrolls Made by Grandma!

Back to the Beach

We spent a week at the beach for a Glass family Thanksgiving along Florida's Emerald Coast just outside of Destin. We packed the car to the brim, drove 9 hours overnight meeting up with my sister and her family of 5, my brother and his daughter and my parents; 15 of us in all.  The four bedroom beachfront condo fit us all comfortably and provided us with a week full of breathtaking ocean views from sunrise to sunset. 

Cohen, Noah, Sophia & Finn
Grandma & Cohen Make Sandcastles

Papa & Finn Talking Man to Man

Sophia Picnics on Her Bros Food as They're Busy Playing
Noah's Sandy Smile

Thanksgiving Lunch on the Beach

Bikes {with and without motors}

Florida's scenic Highway 30A hugs the Gulf of Mexico and has some beautiful paths for bicycling. All 15 of us spent Thanksgiving day enjoying the scenery on two wheels. 

Now That's a Pack of Bikes!

Our Very Own Thanksgiving Day Parade

Sophia & Noah As Close As They Can Get
Cohen & Finn As Far Apart As They Can Manage
For the more adventurous (Uncle Jim & Aunt Em) you can see a whole lot more of the coast with a lot less effort. Cohen and Noah were both up for this loud adventure around the parking lot but Finn & Sophia wouldn't have any part of it. Finn even tried to talk Cohen out of getting on the motorcycle at all. Thank goodness we have one little boy who's going to assess the potential risk for the group in any given situation. 

Uncle Jim, Aunt Em, & Noah

Cohen Gives It A Try
Boats {with and without paddles}

We had a few days of incredibly calm water and were able to take a kayak out from the beach outside our condo. Once again, Finn & Sophia were hesitant to try it out but we forced them on kicking and screaming and once they got out with us they were loving it. The water is so crystal clear you can see straight to the bottom. 

Finn, Mommy, Noah & Daddy Paddle In With Jakob's Help

Last year we rented a pontoon and were able to see dozens of dolphins out in the bay. We ventured out again with no luck on spotting any dolphins but did catch a really neat Sheep Fish!

Jakob's Catch of the Day

Papa, Cohen, Noah & Grandma Cuddle to Keep Warm

Finn Getting Sophia Pumped For a Day of Boating in the Cold Weather

Boogie Boarding

The big cousins loved to get the boogie boards out into the water and ride the waves.  

Makenna Rides the Waves

Even though we love our new Puddle Jumper life vests which are US Coastguard approved and kept our little non-swimmers afloat in the big heated pool, we thought it'd be best to have them stick to boogie boarding on dry land for now.

Boogie Boredom from Mari Goerlich on Vimeo.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Alaine said...

Great pictures of a month full of BIG events! I love the beach pictures you have done each year-what fun to see how much they have grown. So happy to see all the adventures and blessings in your lives-much love to each of you!

Anonymous said...

Alright - you are back in the blogger world!!! What a fun busy month you all have had. Love the beach picture - boy have the kiddos grown!! What a fun Thanksgiving too and what a wonderful tradition to have with your family. Love to all - Debbie

Shannon said...

I've missed your blogging, but mostly I've missed you! :) Glad your back. Looks like you had a wonderful time, love all of the photos.

Trena Ivy said...

I have missed your posts! Glad you are back! I'm looking forward to seeing y'all on Saturday. Kinda like an evening with celebrities that I always read about. :-)

Pam said...

WOW, when did the babies get so grown up? They are just precious! Looks like a wonderful time in of my favorite places...the Destin area is beautiful. Thank you for getting back with us! Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

Stephanie said...

Wow, well atleast you have a good reason for being a blog bum! ;)
You have been super busy and looks like you are all having loads of fun!!
I love Sanbuca and the Nutcracker market too!! Happy late Birthday!!!

Carol said...

Need helmets for biking!

QuatroMama said...

Such awesome pictures and memories, friends! We love you and think of you EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Anna said...

Wonderful!! Those pictures are so much fun!!!