Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fun Times With Papa & Grandma

Papa & Grandma flew down for a visit a couple of weeks ago.  When we pick them up we usually wait in the car in the loading zone. This time I thought we'd surprise them and meet them inside the airport as they came out of the terminals.  The kids were so excited and kept watch for them as everyone passed by.

We took advantage of the warm sunshiny days we were having and the extra helping hands and went to explore downtown Houston. There's a new park called Discovery Green that I'd been too chicken to check out on my own during the week when it was rumored to not be crowded. The rumor is confirmed, we had the entire playground and splash pad to ourselves. Not a soul in site! 


Noah, Grandma & Sophia

Cohen, Noah, Sophia & Papa

Grandma Picnics With Her Little Chicks
We were all spoiled to pieces. Chris and I got to enjoy a weekend away and recharge while they spoiled the kids even more at home.  Life is definitely a whole lot more grand with them here! Grandma & Papa, come back soon!  


Alaine said...

Love those expressions as they sit in the wagon and wait-they just seem to know good times are coming! What a blessing for all of you to have helping hands and fun with their visit. Much love.

Suzanne said...

so, is it weird that I get excited when YOUR parents come to visit or vice versa?! i know how much you love having them around and how nice it is to have extra sets of hands to go and do fun things!!! SOOOO glad you guys had a great time and that you & c-dawg had a weekend away. love you so much!

Anonymous said...

That's so great that your parents were able to come down for a visit. Both Nathan and my family live in the North Houston area; it's such a treat for the babies to see the family.

We need to go visit downtown Houston some time. I used to work in the building right off that area before the kids; they were building it at the time. We are only about 15-20 minutes from downtown, but I forgot all about that place!