Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Beating the Heat

Escaping the heat in the middle of a Texas summer is sometimes difficult with 4 energetic tots. So far, this is what we have come up with:

Turn off all electricity except the AC so the energy bill won't be so bad.  Actually the electricity went out Sunday night for about 3 hours after a thunderstorm moved through.
(Mari trying to get through the fourth and final Twilight book...will it ever end?)

Cool the palate with a refreshing popsicle

Paint our toes.  Even the boys love it.
(Noah's blue piggies)

Watch the neighbors' lawn guys do their thing. 
 It's all about lawnmowers right now.

Pretend we're Jazzy (or daddy) in the "doghouse"

More popsicles after an afternoon in the pool

Yes, we watch Jon & Kate 
(it's one of the few shows the kids will watch for more than 1 min)

Pick and smell the plumeria

Relax with a good book


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh - what cute pictures!!! I miss playing with the munchkins - Noah looks great with blue toe nails!! Debbie

Stephanie said...

Adorable pics as always!!

Have you finished Breaking Dawn yet?!?! That was my favorite one!

Jack said...

Those are four cute ones you have. When you get a free moment (and you probably don't get that many), I invite you to check out this video that I think you'll appreciate -- -- it's about that "aha moment" experienced by the father of quadruplets and how it's changed his outlook on life. I hope you enjoy it.

All the best,

Kimberly & Alex said...

i'm trying to finish Breaking Dawn too, i'd like to get done before these babies arrive!
love all the pics.

Alaine said...

I think you have some great ideas for beating the heat. God set the boundaries of the earth, and the seasons-so how great to find ways to enjoy it all. You caught some cute moments in the pics, but I enjoyed my up close and personal time today the best! Thanking God for all of you, and especially the opportunity to play today...Much love.

Chelsa said...

they are so cute!
glad to know my little guy isn't the only one that's had his toes painted! his older cousin (by 10 months) painted his toes... my hubby about flipped out!

Following HIM said...

WoW...those painted toenails are STUDLY! You guys are sure making me crave a popsicle too. Beat the heat as much as you can!